Back in 2021, when Disney introduced the new general entertainment hub, Star, onto Disney+ in countries around the world, including the UK, Canada and Australia, it launched an entirely different streaming service in Latin America called Star+.

This streaming service combined all the general entertainment content from Disney’s studios like FX, ABC and 20th Television, along with live sports.  Instead, running two streaming platforms side by side, Star+ and Disney+, similar to how Disney+ and Hulu was operating in the United States.

However, fans in Latin America weren’t happy with the launch of Star+, because many fans saw Star being introduced internationally through Disney+ and didn’t see the need for having to pay for two platforms, though Disney did offer a combo bundle.

Only recently, it was announced that the FX series, “Shogun”, would be released on both Disney+ and Star+ in Latin America, marking the first dual release for a mature general entertainment series.  With the launch of Hulu on Disney+ in the United States earlier this month, it set off expectations that Disney+ and Star+ in Latin America could eventually merge, since it would be much easier to do so, with Disney+ around the world becoming more unified.


Today, it’s been announced that Star+ will be closing down in Latin America in the second quarter of 2024, with all of the general entertainment and sports content moving over to Disney+ across the region.  Matching how Disney+ operates outside of the Americas.

Diego Lerner, President of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, in a statement:

“This integration will allow the unparalleled strength of our content to be available in a single application, providing an improved and superior experience, as well as simplified access to subscribers, who are always at the center of our strategies,”

No other details about the merger have been announced, such as when it will happen or what the new price of Disney+ will be.

With the impending official launch of Hulu on Disney+ in the United States in March, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Star branding dropped, in favour of Hulu and ESPN for the sports side, to match the US branding and if Disney has sold off the Star branding in India.  Though that’s just speculation at the moment, but it would drastically cut down on branding confusion, plus reduce marketing and other costs by having a single unified platform globally.

Hopefully, more details will be revealed soon

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