Now that the deal between Fox and Disney has been completed, there has been much discussion about how Marvel characters like the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While X-Men: Dark Phoenix is due to hit cinemas next month, this is expected to be the final outing for the current generation of actors, though they still have “The New Mutants” to be released next year, but with so many delays to its release date, its still not clear if it will ever be released.

Due to the huge box office success of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, this might be the only version of the “Fox” Marvel universe to survive.  As the latest rumors from MCU Cosmic are suggesting Disney are looking at a few different ways of bringing Deadpool into the mix, including a new Disney+ series.

Personally, bringing Deadpool to Disney+ in a short run series, does seem unlikely, since its supposed to be a family friendly platform and the previous two Deadpool movies are “R” rated.  So it would make more sense for a Deadpool series to be on Hulu, since its more adult oriented.

But Fox did release a “PG-13” version of Deadpool 2 called “Once Upon A Deadpool” for last Christmas.  So Disney would have to trim back on the excessive gore or adult language to make a Disney+ show.  Also recently there have been rumors of an animated series based on Deadpool for years and that could fit in more comfortably with Disney+.

Another option is that Deadpool is introduced in Sony’s Spider-Man 3 movie, starring with Tom Holland.  This would be a popular choice, especially as the two characters have appeared in many comic book series together and their chemistry would be fun to watch.

However the rumor of Deadpool appearing in a third Spider-Man movie has been debunked by Roger Wardell, who has been a known leaker of Marvel news, including recently sharing details of scenes in Avengers: Endgame, 6 months before it was released.

Roger Wardell has said that Sony don’t want to include Deadpool in the third Spider-Man movie, they want to use Tom Hardy’s Venom character.

More details on the upcoming slate of Marvel movies will be announced this summer, either at San Diego Comic Con in July or the D23 Expo in August.  So a Deadpool 3 solo movie, which is not connected to the MCU, could be revealed and with Deadpool’s ability to use the fourth wall and talk directly to viewers, he could make a joke of it and just move on.


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  1. Regina Martin May 28, 2019

    Yes vary much so I would definitely love To see Deadpool. And spider man plus give us those movies. I would love to see all The spider man movies please please give us spider man. Movies. Please. And Deadpool. That would make Disney plus even more exciting and more fun to watch. And it would. Get a lot of Reviews and bring more people in

  2. Somebody May 28, 2019

    "Also recently there have been rumors of an animated series based on Deadpool for years and that could fit in more comfortably with Disney+." It wasn't just "rumors." FX had officially ordered an animated series before Marvel used some creative control provision in the contract to shut it down. (The head of FX explicitly said afterward that it wasn't him who did it and that they had still wanted to do it.) And it was going to be an adult animated series, which, Simpsons aside, wouldn't fit on Disney+ at all.

  3. Philip October 13, 2020

    I would love to have every marvel movie, short, show, and short series on Disney+, uncensored. Including the Deadpool novies and Spider-man movies. It would definitely get more subscribers.