Disney has announed a change to their upcoming movie theatrical release schedule, for movies released from now until December 2023 from the Walt Disney Studios, which includes movies from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, Fox Searchlight and 20th Century Fox.

Many of the movies on the release schedule are currently untitled, so we won’t know exact what is coming on those dates.

Here is a look at the current schedule:



This will have an impact on when these movies are made available for Disney+, which should be added to the new streaming service, about 6 months after they’ve been released in cinemas.  With anything released by 20th Century Fox/Fox Searchlight, still being delayed in coming to Disney+ or Hulu, since the companies existing streaming deal with HBO expires in 2022.  And anything considered inapproriate for Disney+, such as anything rated R, will eventually end up on Hulu.

This new schedule includes 5 new Marvel movies, which might involve characters from the upcoming Disney+ shows, as they’ve been confirmed to also be appearing in future movies.

It’s also worth noting that 2 Pixar movies were removed from the list, as well as 2 live action movies.  Though its possible that the live action movies could have been shifted over to Disney+.

Looking at the release schedule, it does mean Disney+ should be getting a large number of new movies over the next 4 years into 2024 and beyond.    It’s worth noting that these release schedules from Disney do change.

What movie are you excited to see?


Source – Deadline & DisInsider



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  1. Tia November 17, 2019

    Something mentioned in this article that I wasn't aware of we're the Fox show rights with HBO. Would to mind creating a list of movies/series that aren't in Disney+ that will likely show up when rights expire? What has Fox Spotlight created that weight see there?

    1. Tia November 17, 2019

      Darn autocorrect. Sorry for the bad grammar. Doesn't look like I can edit my previous comment