In order for major US streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ to operate in Europe, they have to dedicate 30% of their output to TV shows and films made in Europe.

According to some new data from Ampere Analysis, Disney+ is still failing to hit the 30% quota target and is currently hovering around the 10% European content mark but is creating 60 local productions by 2024 as it continues to work with outstanding creators and premium producers as part of the company’s commitment to source, develop and produce original productions in Europe.  These new originals include shows like “Oussekine” and “Weekend Family”.  This is in addition to Disney creating lots of other series across Europe, including “Willow”, “Andor”, and also the second season of “Loki”.

Other content is also being created in Europe for Disney, including the recent “Pistol” series, along with the upcoming FX series, “The Full Monty”, plus many films have scenes filmed in Europe, such as “Black Widow”, “The French Dispatch” and “The Last Duel”.

Another way, Disney+ has been trying to increase the amount of content created in Europe, has been to license lots of films and shows, such as “It’s A Sin”, “Paddington”, and “Killing Eve”, to help meet the quota.

The recent report states that Netflix has either reached or surpassed the required 30% local content quotas in major markets in Europe.  The U.K. and Ireland are slightly behind with 27% of European titles, along with France, Belgium and Switzerland, which are slightly under the 30% mark.

In order to comply, Ampere says Netflix’s U.K. service would need to either add 408 European titles or remove 953 non-European titles to fulfil the quota.  This is why both Netflix and Disney+ have been heavily licensing films and shows, often on a non-exclusive basis, just to increase its European offerings.

Amazon has already exceeded the 30% mark in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and is around the 27% market in the UK, with its other markets ranging from 16% to 28%.  Meanwhile, HBO Max has already exceeded 25% of its content being created in Europe.

Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis.

‘’Quietly, while no one was watching, Netflix has boosted the proportion of its catalogue titles that are European to the point where meeting new quota regulations should have no negative impact on its regional business”.

We are likely going to see much more original content being created across Europe for Disney+ in the coming years ahead, but also expect to see much more licensed content available on Disney+ across Europe from third party creators, to boost those numbers.

Would you like to see more European content on Disney+?


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  1. Ricky June 7, 2022

    I hope they don't block Disney in Europe because of this stupid law! >_<

    1. Roger Palmer June 8, 2022

      Disney is spending millions making and buying content so they don't need to

    2. Dan June 8, 2022

      Not a stupid law at all, promoting local content from each country these services operate in is a good thing and makes sure these TV shows and films are where the viewers are, while still letting people enjoy great US TV shows and films.

  2. Dan June 8, 2022

    Would be nice to see more Scottish content on Disney+ seeing as local content quotas are a thing, but none of the US streaming services seem to be interested in UK nations that aren't England. Netflix has Still Game, that's about the only noteworthy Scottish TV show on Netflix just now.