The Disney Channel has created many fan loved Original movies over the years including titles like High School Musical and the Descendants.  Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, is set to include over 100 of these Original movies and there will also be some new Disney+ exclusive movies coming from the same team.

Recently, Disney Channel’s Lauren Kisilevsky, has been given oversight on all the new Disney Channel produced Disney+ Original movies as well and in an interview with Kidscreen, she explained some of her

Since taking on the oversight for these addition movies, she’s had to take a bit of a step back from the day-to-day because she can’t do it all as her role includes script development, generating new projects, collaborating with writers and directors, overseeing the creative storytelling during production and providing direction on everything from marketing to post-production and release.

One of the Disney+ Original movies she is currently working on is Secret Society of Second Born Royals, which stars Andi Mack’s Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Pitch Perfect’s Skylar Astin.  This film features a rebellious princess, who learns she has superpowers and belongs to a secret society.

Due to the amount of projects she is working on, Lauren has put Amee Dolleman, who is the executive director of original movies, take the lead.

“As [Doleman’s] the day-to-day eyes and ears on the movie, if stuff is just more complex and we need an extra pair of eyes then she’ll loop me in or share with me what she’s worried about and I’ll help her strategize. Then she dives right back in.”

She also explains why she likes making Disney+ & Disney Channel movies:

“I actually get to make things and see them go to air.  Because the theatrical film business can take a really long time and as a development executive, you can work on a script for a very long time and never actually make anything.”

On the subject of Disney+ Original movies, Lauren explained why they’ve scaled back their fantasy-driven properties:

“We’re going to be developing and producing movies of smaller scope as well in order to have substantially more movies a year.  [We’re looking at movies] that don’t necessarily have to have that world building, which are more grounded, more comedic, ideas that really speak to culturally specific narratives.”

Making movies for the Disney Channel, is very different than making movies for cinema release and Disney is going to have to make some adjustments for its new streaming platform, since they have to find out what works for Disney+ and what doesn’t.   And only time will give Disney the data that they need, so at the moment, Disney is trying different types of movies and shows, to see what the audience responds to.   While different TV networks have a “target” audience, Disney+ is much wider and so the content will have to be aimed a little wider than the usual Disney Channel Original.

Are you excited for the new Disney+ movies from the Disney Channel team?

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