We are back with another Disney+ Battle. This week, it’s a popular film from Disney’s Revival against a forgotten film from Disney’s Experimental, or Post Renaissance, Age. Let’s compare “Zootopia” and “Brother Bear” to see which is “better.”


The main character of “Zootopia” is Judy Hopps. A bunny who wants to be a police officer in the city of Zootopia. She achieves her dream but is made a meter maid. Eventually she learns about a plan to frame predators and manages to capture the literal wolf in sheep’s clothing while helping a fox who is normally accused of these crimes keep his name clear. In contrast, the main character of “Brother Bear” is Kenai, a young boy who separates a bear from her cub following the death of his brother. He turns into a bear and serves as the big brother of the bear cub he separated from his mother. Kenai is the better protagonist. Point to “Brother Bear.”

Zootopia 0 | Brother Bear 1


The villain of “Zootopia” is Dawn Bellwether, a sheep who is serving as the assistant to the Mayor. She is turning predators feral and when Judy almost catches her, she frames the Mayor. As mentioned before, she is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The villain of “Brother Bear” is misunderstanding. Kenai thinks bears are evil when they are just acting like bears. Once he’s turned into a bear, he learns the bears see humans as monsters just like humans see bears as monsters. It’s one of the worst villains of all, but it’s not tangible. Point to “Zootopia.”

Zootopia 1 | Brother Bear 1


“Zootopia” introduces us to some supporting characters. Nick Wilde is a sly fox. Chief Bogo is a serious African buffalo. Mayor Lionheart is noble, but pompous. And Duke Weaselton is an excellent small time crook. They are fun. In contrast, the supporting characters in “Brother Bear” are solid, but only the moose are fun. Kota is an excellent little brother. Denahi is a man who just misses his brothers. They are all good, but the supporting characters in “Zootopia” are better. Point to “Zootopia.”

Zootopia 2 | Brother Bear 1


“Zootopia” features some really great music. The score does a great job driving the plot and the song from Shakira does an amazing job of setting a fun tone for what’s a fun movie tackling important issues. But, “Brother Bear” features a soundtrack written by Phil Collins and an amazing score on its own. The music in “Brother Bear” is better. Point to “Brother Bear.”

Zootopia 2 | Brother Bear 2


I watched both of these films recently and both are fun but have few memorable moments. I remember Judy finding the feral predators and helping Nick Wilde. I remember her finally getting to be a real police officer with Nick joining the force. I remember the Sloth being the fastest guy in town. In “Brother Bear,” I remember Kenai attacking the bear and then turning into a bear. I remember the moose. I remember Kenai, as a bear, risking his life to save Kota. I remember Kenai choosing to remain a bear to help Kota. “Brother Bear” is slightly more memorable.

Zootopia 2 | Brother Bear 3

“Brother Bear” wins this battle, but it was close. Both of these films are amazing and you should check them out if you haven’t already. I want to know, which do you prefer?

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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