We’re back with another Disney+ Battle. This time we will be comparing a hidden gem from Disney’s Experimental Age of Animation with a popular video game film from Disney’s Revival Era. Let’s see which is “better” between “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Treasure Planet.”


The main character of “Wreck-It Ralph” is Ralph, a video game villain who just wants to be a hero. He’s not a bad guy in life, but he’s a bad guy in the game and everyone sees him as that. He sets out on a mission to win a medal and, in the end, ends up helping a perceived glitch who is really the hero of her own game but has been treated like a problem. Meanwhile, the main character of “Treasure Planet” is Jim Hawkins, a young man who has been given a map to Captain Flint’s treasure planet and is needed to help find it. He ends up a cabin boy as part of the crew before finding a way to stop Long John Silver and his band of pirates from stealing the treasure. Both are great protagonists but I’m giving the point to Ralph.

Wreck-It Ralph 1 | Treasure Planet 0


The villain of “Wreck-It Ralph” is King Candy also known as Turbo. He is a video game character who got bored in his video game and decided to jump from game to game. He wound up finding a home in Vanellope’s game leading to her being considered a glitch while his game was shut down. Everyone thought he had been destroyed but he was hiding out until Ralph accidentally figured out that Vanellope was the star of the game meaning someone else was the glitch. Meanwhile, the villain of “Treasure Planet” is Long John Silver, a cyborg pirate who is looking for the Treasure Planet. In the end, he “goes soft” and protects Jim because he’s taken a liking to the boy. Long John Silver has his redemption moment but he’s still a better villain. Point to “Treasure Planet.”

Wreck-It Ralph 1 | Treasure Planet 1


Both of these films have solid supporting characters. “Wreck-It Ralph” introduces us to Fix-It Felix, Sgt. Calhoun and a plethora of video game characters from games many of us grew up playing as kids. “Treasure Planet” has Capt. Smollet, Dr. Doppler and the band of pirates. All of these characters are fun, but I connect to video games more than pirates so I will give a point to “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Wreck-It Ralph 2 | Treasure Planet 1


This is one of the fairer battles in this category. Neither of these films are musicals that can run away with it. Both have really good scores that drive the plot and put the audience right into the film. Both have songs that standout from the film; one by Rihanna and one by John Rzeznik. This is a difficult choice but I like the “Treasure Planet” song a little more. Point to “Treasure Planet.”

Wreck-It Ralph 2 | Treasure Planet 2


This is the most subjective category because what is memorable to me might not be memorable to you and vice versa. To me, the most memorable moments of “Wreck-It Ralph” are his villain affirmation, the villains meeting, trying to get a medal in Sgt. Calhoun’s game, meeting Vanellope and helping her reclaim her game. The most memorable parts of “Treasure Planet” to me are the John Rzeznick song, the beautiful animation as they travel through space and the relationship between Jim and Long John Silver. “Wreck-It Ralph” is a more memorable film. Point to “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Wreck-It Ralph 3 | Treasure Planet 2

“Wreck-It Ralph” wins this battle and I think it’s the right call. When I think about sitting down and watching a Disney film, “Wreck-It Ralph” comes to mind. “Treasure Planet” is often forgotten. But I want to know, which film do you prefer?

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Jeremy Brown

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