We’re back with another Disney+ battle. This week, it’s a very fast-paced film from Disney’s Experimental Age of Animation taking on the only Marvel movie released by the Walt Disney Animation Studios. We are comparing “Meet the Robinsons” and “Big Hero 6.” Let’s take a look and see which one is “better.”


The main character of “Meet the Robinsons” is Lewis, a young boy who just wants to be adopted. He is taken into the future where he actually meets his future family, but has to stop the Bowler Hat man from disrupting the timeline. The main character of “Big Hero 6” is Hiro, a young boy who is very intelligent but also very lazy. After his brother convinces him he could get a college scholarship, he starts applying himself. But, when his brother dies in an explosion, he uses his brother’s invention, Baymax, to try to get revenge on the man who caused his brother’s death until he finally learns how to forgive himself and work with Baymax to help others. I like Hiro’s motivation more than Lewis’ motivation. Point to “Big Hero 6.”

Meet the Robinsons 0 | Big Hero 6 1


The real villain of “Meet the Robinsons” is the bowler hat that Lewis/Cornelius invents in the future. That hat controlled an adult version of Goob, who was frustrated and angry with Lewis and upset about not being adopted, to try to sabotage Lewis’ future life. Goob as Bowler Hat Guy is presented as the villain, but he’s more of a pawn. The villain of “Big Hero 6” is Professor Callaghan. He has decided to steal Hiro’s idea of microbots, but first he fakes his own death. Hiro’s brother Tadashi ends up being killed trying to save Professor Callaghan. The professor was trying to save his daughter who was thought to have been killed during a test flight. In the end, Professor Callaghan’s daughter is saved but he is arrested for his crimes. Professor Callaghan is a better villain. Point to “Big Hero 6.”

Meet the Robinsons 0 | Big Hero 6 2


“Meet the Robinsons” is filled with supporting characters who almost all make up Lewis’ family after he changes his name to Cornelius and becomes successful. They are intriguing in the film, but only his son Wilbur sticks with you once it’s over. In contrast, Baymax was the breakout star of “Big Hero 6.” The healthcare robot has had his own shorts and now has his own series on Disney+. There was also “Big Hero 6: The Series” which put some focus on the rest of Hiro’s friends, but outside of Fred, most of their names don’t stick with me. Baymax wins this round. Point to “Big Hero 6.”

Meet the Robinsons 0 | Big Hero 6 3


Both of these films scores do a great job of advancing the plots of each of them. Their scores are essentially a tie. As for the songs, “Meet the Robinsons” features songs from All-American Rejects, the Jonas Brothers and They Might Be Giants while “Big Hero 6” features a song from “Fall Out Boy.” The problem is none of the music sticks with you. The music in both of these films is very forgettable. No points awarded for this category.

Meet the Robinsons 0 | Big Hero 6 3


Now, it’s time for the most subjective category of these battles. What I find memorable about “Meet the Robinsons” is the peanut butter and jelly headpiece, the dinosaur with a big head and tiny hands and Lewis being told Wilbur’s dad looked like Tom Selleck when the adult version of Lewis, who had changed his name to Cornelius, was voiced by Tom Selleck. The memorable parts of “Big Hero 6” are Baymax, the explosion at the university, the reveal of Professor Callaghan as the villain, Baymax finding Professor Callaghan’s daughter and Baymax sacrificing himself to save Hiro. “Big Hero 6” is more memorable.

Meet the Robinsons 0 | Big Hero 6 4

“Big Hero 6” wins this week’s battle. Despite the fact that this was a clean sweep, don’t sleep on “Meet the Robinsons.” It was a very fun film that kept me entertained. I just found “Big Hero 6” to be a little bit better. But, I want to know, which film do you prefer?


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