It’s time once again for a Disney+ Battle. This time we are comparing two classic Pixar films to see which is better. One is the very first Pixar film ever. The other is a classic that reminds us to “just keep swimming.” Let’s see which is better: “Toy Story” or “Finding Nemo?”


The main character of “Finding Nemo” is Nemo, a little fish who gets captured by a dentist looking to give him to his niece as a pet. That leads Nemo’s father, Marlin, to go looking for him. Along the way he meets other fish, sharks and sea turtles that help him locate his son and bring him home. “Toy Story” has two main characters, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. One has been Andy’s favorite toy for years. The other is Andy’s newest toy who is quickly becoming a favorite. Woody gets jealous of Buzz and knocks him out of the window. Woody must rescue Buzz and get caught up to Andy and his family as they are moving. Both films have great main characters, but I think Woody and Buzz bring more to the table. Point to “Toy Story.”

Finding Nemo 0 | Toy Story 1


“Finding Nemo” doesn’t really have a villain. The fish in the dentist’s tank are afraid of his niece because she has a habit of killing the pets he gives her, but she’s barely in the film and not really villainous. At times, Marlin’s own fears and hubris are the biggest villains. They hurt him and Dory more than anything else. Great concepts that make a great movie, but not a great antagonist. The villain of “Toy Story” is Sid, the boy who lives next door and likes to take apart toys and put them together with new parts. He’s got a behavioral issue, but in real life, he wouldn’t be that much of a villain. But to the toys, he is the worst thing possible. Since “Toy Story” has an actual antagonist, it wins this round.

Finding Nemo 0 | Toy Story 2


Both of these films have some classic supporting characters. Ham, Slinky, Potato Head and Bo Peep have become a part of almost every adult over 30’s childhood. They make “Toy Story” stronger. But “Finding Nemo” has some iconic supporting characters too, including Dory, Crush and the sharks. This one is close, but since I think Dory is the most well known of these supporting characters, the point goes to “Finding Nemo.”

Finding Nemo 1 | Toy Story 2


Neither of these films are known for iconic music. That’s pretty much true of all Pixar films. There are a few songs that stick out from the studio’s films, but few are as iconic as those from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Of course, there are exceptions and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is just that. It’s an exception, because it is as iconic as many of the songs from the main studio. Both films have excellent scores that drive the plots in the way the filmmakers intended, so this one comes down to which has the better song and it’s hard to argue against “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Point to “Toy Story.”

Finding Nemo 1 | Toy Story 3


As I said in the introduction, these are both classic films that have entertained multiple generations of Disney and Pixar fans. Both have memorable moments. “Toy Story” has the first appearance of Buzz, Buzz “falling with style,” the trip to Pizza Planet, the claw, Sid’s house and the race back Andy’s mom’s car. “Finding Nemo” has the barracuda attack, Nemo getting captured, Marlin and Dory’s trek, the sharks, Crush and Marlin finally getting Nemo back. It’s hard to make a ruling here, but I’m going to give the point to “Toy Story.” I don’t know if it’s more memorable, but it’s more memorable to me.

Finding Nemo 1 | Toy Story 4

“Toy Story” wins this battle. I have been logging 64 films from Disney and Pixar in a bracket for these battles. “Toy Story” beat “Luca” in the first round while “Finding Nemo” beat “The Incredibles.” This win means “Toy Story” is in the Sweet 16. I can’t wait to see who it faces. But, more importantly, which film would you choose?

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