Poet, Tayo, Hour and Lennix must work to find a way to put a stop to the artificial intelligence system Tayo created in the finale of the limited series, “Class of 09.” Meanwhile, Tayo’s ex-wife has been arrested and is standing trial for a book she wrote criticizing artificial intelligence. And, one way or another, changes will end up coming to the FBI.

The bulk of this episode focuses on the future timeline. The FBI agents are railing against the system and trying to avenge their friend’s tragic death at the hands of police officers due to the actions of the AI system. Tayo manages to escape arrest, but his ex-wife is not as lucky. Realizing something has to be done, the four FBI agents take the information provided to Poet by Rios in the first episode to ensure that everyone is equal under the system. This forces those in charge to make a decision: either actually make the AI fair or shut it down and go back to relying on humans.

In the end, Poet takes over as an instructor at Quantico, as the FBI has clearly gone back to a more human aspect of its program. All of the charges pressed by the out of control AI system were dropped. As Poet mentions, it’s one of the most challenging times to be an FBI agent as crime is on the rise since they moved away from the artificial intelligence. It raises an interesting question about the artificial intelligence system. It’s clearly more efficient than humans but at what cost?

The episode also takes a look at the present timeline and Tayo’s ascension to FBI director. His system is now working, but he’s being attacked by the people he is targeting. This leads to marital problems that will ultimately cause his divorce. Tayo is now motivated to create the system that causes the issues of the series while others are starting to move in different directions.

The past is the timeline that gets the least amount of time in this episode, and that’s to be expected. It only focuses on the FBI agents who have graduated from Quantico to become special agents. It’s a short scene that ties up the loose ends of the timeline before the series ends with a class photo.

Overall, this is one of the best limited series I’ve seen focusing on the FBI. I really loved its take on artificial intelligence given how much AI has been making headlines in recent months. Artificial intelligence can be a very useful tool, but this series gives a look at what happens when it the tool and the people who use it go unchecked. This is quality programming provided by FX on Hulu.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of “Class of 09?”

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