The “Class of 09” passes its final test and each member gets their assignment. Poet and Lennix rekindle their romance in the future. And Michaels makes a decision that leads to him being fired as head of the FBI as he recognizes the existential threat of the very system he has created. It’s all setting up for a climactic finale for the FX miniseries, “Class of 09.”

The past timeline focuses on how the agents have grown as they prepare for their first assignments. Lennix and Michaels are disappointed for a variety of different reasons, but love is at the center of both of their discontent. Michaels has met the woman that he will marry but believes it will be impossible to get her to leave her job in DC to join him at his assignment in Billings, Montana. That becomes important in the present timeline with the terrorist who targets the FBI and Michaels’ family. Meanwhile, Lennix got the DC assignment but knows it’s because of his father who works in DC. He expresses an interest in going to San Diego, the assignment Poet received, but she isn’t sure if that’s because he really wanted to go to San Diego or if he wanted to be with her.

In the present timeline, Michaels is using his newly approved version of Hour’s AI program to track criminals. This leads to Poet being put in danger on a case, but she completes it, and the AI is a critical component in saving her life. It demonstrates how AI can be a useful tool, but the reactions of Michaels and Hour after the incident say a lot about each of them. Hour is worried that because AI doesn’t take humanity into account, it could’ve gotten Poet killed. Michaels, on the other hand, sees this as a small issue that can be resolved. He has lost faith in the majority of people and see what he believes to be justice in a system that doesn’t take humanity into account.

This leads to a major change in the future timeline after the attack on the church and the AI system’s self-preservation that led to Murphy’s death. Everything Hour predicted is coming true and Michaels is losing faith in his system. It culminates with him trying to shut it down but learning that he can’t do it by himself, but he is out of a job as the system recognizes him as a criminal. Now the remaining members of the Class of 09 must band together to try to stop Michaels’ own creation.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale of this show. It has been building to this moment with the four main characters: Poet, Michaels, Lennix and Hour all evolving a lot over time to put them in the place to fight the artificial intelligence. How will the system react to their threat to its existence? And how will the people Michaels recruited try to stop them, especially with them removing any restraints on the system after Michaels was fired as head of the FBI? This has been a great limited series.

Rating: 4.5 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Class of 09?”

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