As the “Class of 09” learns the most important lessons about working together in the past, they are dealing with the fallout of their current actions in the present and the future. Tayo is trying to perfect his artificial intelligence after it has attacked a church where a Senator was meeting with a priest. Meanwhile, the other members of his class, containing both current and former agents, are working on a way to shut it down. And their actions will have deadly consequences.

The past timeline explains how Poet and Tayo became two of the best agents in the history of the FBI with how they respond to their training exercises. They figure out that sometimes the most important way to get through in a hostage situation is to send in the outsider and do nothing. Unfortunately, it also leads to the end of Poet’s relationship with Lennix as he realizes that he is all in, but she never will be.

The present timeline takes a backseat to the other timelines in this episode but still provides some important moments of character development. We see how Tayo is pushing for his artificial intelligence program that will eventually be a major issue for the department. Meanwhile, Hour’s personal and professional lives are coming apart as her marriage is ending and the program that she started may be shut down, but Tayo is using its beginnings to form his own program that takes out the human equation.

The future timeline is the most intriguing as Poet, Hour, Lennix and Murphy are trying to figure out how their meeting led to the attack on the church. This leads to Murphy finding his way past security to get the needed tape and running into Tayo who won’t let him take the tape but will let him make a copy. Unfortunately, the artificial intelligence recognizes an existential threat and uses Murphy’s car against him to lead to him being shot and killed by police officers.

It’s an interesting to see where this will go for the final two episodes of the series. It’s clear the artificial intelligence has essentially become sentient and is using the FBI for its bidding. The question is “how can it be stopped” and “who will be the one to stop it?”

Rating: 4.5 stars

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