The fallout from the attack on the FBI headquarters in 2023 leads to massive changes in the justice system and Tayo Michaels’ quest for justice in the latest episode of “Class of 09.” The trio of timelines explains how Michaels’ quest for justice led to his marriage, led him to becoming FBI director and led him to implement the artificial intelligence technology that has been both beneficial and consequential for the FBI. In the end, Michaels learns about a potential flaw in his system that he must either address or ignore.

In the past timeline, it is revealed how Vivienne’s work as a civil rights attorney in 2009 impressed Michaels leading to their relationship. During a tour of Martin Luther King’s childhood home, she is very straightforward about the failures of the justice system including how the FBI tried to get Dr. King to take his own life. This demeanor intrigues Michaels leading him to ask her out setting up their relationship. The pair would be married in the present timeline and separated in the future timeline.

In the present timeline, the attack on the FBI headquarters has hardened Michaels’ already distrustful position. Between that attack and an attack on a synagogue where terrorist poisoned everyone and used the FBI to stream their attack, he is becoming more and more disillusioned with people. This leads to him pushing for the artificial intelligence system that would one day become a problem for the FBI.

In the future timeline, the Class of 09 has gathered in secret where many of the now-former agents are questioning the program. Michaels meets them in private where the system can’t find them to tell them to stop challenging his plan. They decide to see how the system will react to being investigated itself. That leads the system into a church to arrest a priest who is not connected to the FBI in any way. Michaels recognizes this priest isn’t someone who is committing crimes and is faced with a tough decision, stop his program and admit it is flawed or let his program arrest someone he is certain is innocent.

With three episodes left, this series has taken a further turn than I expected. I thought Poet and Lennix would be the main characters through advertising. While it truly is an ensemble show, this series has presented Michaels as the essential lead of the ensemble. I like that given what his character has done and what choices are left in front of him. I can’t wait to see how it wraps up.

Rating: 4 stars

What did you think of the latest episode of “Class of 09?”

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