The “Class of 09” continues to demonstrate the strengths and the dangers of artificial intelligence within the FBI. Trainees undergo firearms and polygraph tests that help shape what kinds of agents they will be. Meanwhile, Lennix offers to help Poet as she continues investigating what Ramos wanted her to know about the state of the FBI. And a marine working for the terrorist Michaels previously caught takes advantage of the 2023 class of trainees during their firearms testing.

While episode three spent very little time in the past to focus on the present and the future, episode four spends very little time in the future to focus on the past and the present. The past focuses on Agent Drew’s past where she was shot in the field before becoming one of the agents who trains the next batches of agents. Meanwhile, Poet’s relationship with Lennix continues to blossom. Even though we know the relationship ultimately doesn’t work, it’s interesting to see how it takes shape.

The present leads to an attack on the FBI itself. A marine who is assisting with the firearms testing starts firing on all the trainees after seeing a report about the terrorist who has been caught. He is able to injure or kill several trainees and trainers before Drew is able to shoot him in the head despite having already been shot herself. Meanwhile, Hour figures out there is an attack at Quantico and evacuates her department while Poet figures out where two men are trying to take down the entire building and goes to stop them. She is able to kill them but not before they are able to destroy the building.

Meanwhile, the short amount of time we spend in the future follows Poet from Ramos’ house to Lennix’s house as she tells him what’s going on. In the end, she continues her investigation to try and figure out what is going on when it comes to artificial intelligence and it’s role in the FBI. Despite being retired and now a politician, Lennix offers to help her because he wants her to know there is someone who is always on her side. It’s a nice little way to tie the future into the episode despite it not seeming important at the moment.

This series seems to get stronger in every episode. I want to see how Michaels reacts to the attack on the FBI. We know it will eventually lead to him becoming the director and implementing an intricate artificial intelligence program due to his distrust of people. It’s interesting to see the road he ends up going down and how his friends and former classmates will fit into it going forward.

Rating: 4 stars

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