Poet and Hour are finding out what Garcia was trying to tell Poet before he was killed by the FBI in the future in episode three of “Class of 09.” Meanwhile, agents in the present are resistant to using Hour’s technology while Lennix and other top agents want to shut down her program and expect Poet to spy on her. And, in the past, agents are learning the importance of driving and how the evolution of the car has affected the evolution of the FBI.

The past timeline is not very important this episode, but it does set up some of important settings for the future timeline. The small part of the show set in 2009 focused on Poet learning how to drive like an agent. That comes in handy in the future timeline where Poet is now driving a Tesla, and state police decide to stop her because she is driving instead of letting the car drive for her.

The present timeline demonstrates Michaels’ descent into using artificial intelligence as the primary tool of the FBI. After Mark Tupirik, the terrorist from episode two, sends men to attack his wife, Michaels decides to use the tools from Hour’s program to get the answers he needs and capture Tupirik. Almost all of the agents have been opposed to using the technology, but Michaels has extra motivation and, much like Hour, has been given reasons to distrust people, even those that have proven to be on his side.

The future timeline demonstrates how far Michaels has fallen. He is seeking another term as Director of the FBI, but some politicians are getting antsy because it seems like the artificial intelligence has become more of a thought police rather than a tool for humans to use. It’s not quite “Terminator” level in its rise of the machines storyline, but it is interesting. It also brings up Michael’s motivations. Could he be trying to stop the technology upon which he once heavily relied? Or is he so far gone that he has become the very thing he was trying to stop when he first joined the FBI?

While shows that use multiple timelines like this can get confusing and lose their way; “Lost” I’m looking at you; this series is managing it so far. If this remains an eight episode miniseries and not a show desperate to churn out multiple seasons of content, I think they can make it work. I like what they have done so far and am eager to see what else they can do?

Rating: 4.5 stars

What did you think of this episode of “Class of 09?”

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