Disney has released a new clip from its upcoming original series, “Secrets of the Whales,” featuring a sperm whale calf nursing from its mother – a moment recorded on video for the first time. Additional never before seen moments featured in the series include: evidence suggesting that Belugas give themselves names so groups can keep track of […]

National Geographic’s newest series “‘Race to The Center of the Earth’ will be coming to Disney+ in the United States on May 14th. The epic seven-part series, created by award-winning producers Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri, is an adrenaline-fueled global competition that pits four teams of three against one another in a nonstop sprint […]

To celebrate this years “Earth Day”, Disney+ is getting a brand new documentary series called “Secrets Of The Whales”, which has been created with James Cameron, who is an executive producer on the show and Sigourney Weaver narrates the series. “Secrets of the Whales,” from National Geographic, plunges viewers deep within the epicentre of whale […]

Earth Moods is the latest National Geographic series to arrive on Disney+ and it’s a little different.  This series takes viewers on the ultimate retreat—transporting them to a vast array of colourful and calming corners of the world. There are five episodes available in the first season, taking viewers around the globe to visit some […]

National Geographic has announced details of a special Earth Day Eve virtual celebration, which will feature two Disney+ Originals, “Secrets Of The Whales” and “Earth Moods”. The Earth Day Eve virtual celebration, will also a lineup of musical artists from places of importance to them around the world and appearances by National Geographic Explorers will […]

Disney has released a new trailer to celebrate “Earth Month”, which highlights many of the fantastic films and series available on Disney+ such as “Free Solo” and “The Lion King”. Also included in the trailer is the two new National Geographic Disney+ Originals that are coming this month including “Earth Moods” and “Secrets of the […]

Today, National Geographic has released the companion book to the upcoming Disney+ Original series “Secrets Of The Whales”. This provocative book of photography offers bold new insight into the lives of the world’s largest mammals, along with their complex societies. In these pages, we learn that whales share an amazing ability to learn and adapt […]

National Geographic has released a trailer for the upcoming short-form documentary series “Impact With Gal Gadot”, which follows the powerful stories of six women who are making an extraordinary impact on their communities around the world. Despite living in areas marred by violence, poverty, trauma, discrimination, oppression, and natural disasters, these brave women remain undeterred […]

National Geographic is releasing a brand new four-part documentary series called “Secrets of the Whales” on Earth Day this year on Disney+. This new series takes viewers deep within the epicentre of whale culture to experience the extraordinary communication skills and intricate social structures of five different whale species: orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals and sperm […]

One of last years best Disney+ Originals, National Geographic’s “The Right Stuff”, won’t be returning for a second season on Disney+. “The Right Stuff,” tells the incredible story of the early days of the U.S. space program, based on the iconic bestseller by Tom Wolfe. At the height of the Cold War, newly-formed NASA selects […]

National Geographic has announced a new short-form digital series “Composing Genius: Aretha” is available now on the National Geographic Genius Facebook page. The six in-depth videos showcase the creative team in front of and behind the camera that brought Aretha Franklin’s story to life. A closer look at the making of key scenes, sets, music, […]

The National Geographic live-action drama series “The Hot Zone: Anthrax” has cast Enrico Colantoni to play Rudy Giuliani in an upcoming series.  Enrico Colantoni has previously starred in multiple series, including “Person of Interest”, “Veronica Mars”, and “Flashpoint”. Deadline has also revealed that Morgan Kelly will also be starring in the series opposite the previously […]

Disney has announced details of a special behind-the-curtains event to celebrate Earth Day and the release of the new National Geographic documentary series “Secrets Of The Whales”. The special event will show details of National Geographic Explorer and Photographer Brian Skerry’s riveting journey as he sets out to discover the hidden culture of whales in […]

National Geographic Documentary Films has announced a new feature documentary from Participant and Our Time Projects, to be released theatrically by NEON later this year, directed and produced by Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Matthew Heineman (“Cartel Land,” “City of Ghosts”) along with producers Jenna Millman and Leslie Norville. With exclusive access into […]

Disney has announced that the first two seasons of Genius will be released on Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Friday 23rd April. The series follows the life stories of history’s greatest minds. From their days as young adults to their final years we see their discoveries, loves, relationships, causes, flaws and genius. […]