Long before the prequels, sequels, animated series and LEGO shorts, George Lucas tried to keep “Star Wars” going and capitalize on the series success in “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure.” The film follows a caravan of Ewoks as they try to help two young kids find their parents after becoming separated from them. And, this may be the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

While the prequel trilogy and the sequel trilogy can be polarizing, neither will ever be as bad as this. The children have no redeemable qualities. It’s like they took the whiny parts of Luke’s personality from “A New Hope” and split it into two kids without at least making the good pilots. The Ewoks are perfectly fine for what they were, but they didn’t need a live action movie dedicated to them. It’s great to see Wicket back, but many of the others are just there. If this film had a purpose other than allowing George Lucas to market more toys, I don’t know what it is.

The weirdest part of this entire movie is the glowing bugs that harass everybody. Eventually, the kids use those glowing bugs, that look like Tinkerbell, to defeat the monster that’s threatening them at the end of the film. Why do those things exist? They just made the final battle look even dumber than it already was. And why do they look like Tinkerbell? Did George Lucas know that Disney would eventually buy Lucasfilm? Was this 30 years of foreshadowing? I’m still baffled at those bugs. Actually using Tinkerbell would’ve been less confusing. I know there would be copyright issues, but it would still be less weird than what they actually did.

George Lucas once said “Star Wars” was always meant for kids. This movie certainly proves that. It’s only connection to “Star Wars” is the Ewoks. These movies have been hidden away for years and, after watching this one, it’s easy to see why. It’s got its fans, but I really don’t know why. This is bad in every sense of the word. I know some people that say the prequel trilogy killed “Star Wars.” I know some people that say the sequel trilogy killed “Star Wars.” But, if the Ewok movies didn’t kill “Star Wars,” nothing will.

Ranking: 1/4 of a star out of 5.

What do you think of “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure?”

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Jeremy Brown

Jeremy has been a big Disney fan since he was a kid growing up during the Disney Renaissance. One day he hopes to go to every Disney Park in the world.

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