Last year, Disney announced that it had started production on a new British Original live-action series called “Nautilus”, which tells the classic Jules Verne’s epic story from Captain Nemo’s point of view: an Indian Prince robbed of his birthright and family, a prisoner of the East India Mercantile Company and a man bent on revenge against the forces that have taken everything from him. But once Nemo sets sail with his ragtag crew on board the awe-inspiring Nautilus, he not only battles with his enemy, but discovers a wondrous underwater world, learns to take his place as leader of the crew, and goes on an unforgettable adventure beneath the sea.

The series stars Shazad Latif (“Star Trek: Discovery”, “The Pursuit of Love”), as the iconic role of Captain Nemo, with Georgia Flood and Thierry Frémont, along with Pacharo Mzembe, Arlo Green, Tyrone Ngatai, Ling Cooper Tang, Andrew Shaw, Ashan Kumar, Céline Menville and Kayden Price.

However, Deadline has reported that Disney is no longer going forward with the show as part of a drastic cost-reduction strategy, to save around $5 billion and focus its streaming services on profitability and creating less general entertainment content, focusing on better content curation.   No other UK local originals are understood to be impacted by this decision

Since “Nautilus” has been completely filmed, Disney is working with the production company to find another home for the show, with meetings and screenings underway, which basically means Disney is trying to sell the show to another network or streamer, rather than it being cancelled and unreleased.

“Nautilus” isn’t the only original series to be no longer be getting a Disney+ Original release, as it was also revealed that Disney+ would no longer be releasing the “Spiderwick Chronicles” series, though Paramount was trying to find another buyer for the show, since they were co-producing it.

Moonriver TV and Seven Stories created the series. And that it was going to be filmed at Village Roadshow Studios in Queensland, Australia.

The series was developed and co-produced by Moonriver TV’s Xavier Marchand and Seven Stories Anand Tucker, Nautilus is written and executive produced by James Dormer (Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands) and is executive produced by Johanna Devereaux and Chris Loveall for Disney+. Cameron Welsh (“Foundation”) is producing the series, and Michael Matthews (“Love and Monsters”, “Five Fingers From Marseilles”) has directed this epic adventure series.

Unfortunately, with Disney changing its direction on how much original content it is creating, “Nautilus” will no longer be a Disney+ Original, but the good news is that it’s not simply being written off as a tax loss, and instead will hopefully get to live on and get viewed by people on another platform.

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