Nielsen has announced its top 10 streaming charts for the United States from April 29th, 2024, to May 5th. There are four different charts: Top 10 Originals, Acquired Shows, Movies, and a combined total chart.

The hit FX series, “Shogun”, continues to pull in viewers on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+, holding its spot on the originals chart, though Netflix is dominating most of the chart, with the exception of Amazon’s “Fallout” which has been a huge hit and the Paramount “Sonic The Hedgehog” spin-off series, “Knuckles”.

For the first time in a while, Disney doesn’t have any films on the movie chart as “Moana” dropped off the chart, though I’d expect it to pop back on again with the build-up to the new movie being released at Thanksgiving.

“Bluey” continues to be a massive hit for Disney+, especially with the new episodes dropping throughout April.  Hulu is also doing very well in the overall and acquired charts with popular shows like  “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Family Guy”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “The Resident”, “White Collar”, and “Criminal Minds” continuing to attract millions of minutes of viewing time.   Highlighting how these older broadcast series are still extremely popular on streaming services.  But it also highlights why Disney is leaning back on its established shows, which are constantly performing well.

Here’s the rundown (Total Minutes Watched):

Top 10 Originals

  1. Fallout (2024) 1,081
  2. Baby Reindeer 734
  3. Dead Boy Detectives 699
  4. A Man In Full 619
  5. The Asunta Case 531
  6. The Circle 458
  7. Evil 291
  8. Knuckles 287
  9. Shogun (2024) 285
  10. The Roast Of Tom Brady 279

Top 10 Acquired

  1. Bluey 1,181
  2. Grey’s Anatomy 1,115
  3. Family Guy 819
  4. NCIS 733
  5. White Collar 681
  6. Bob’s Burgers 649
  7. Criminal Minds 627
  8. The Resident 621
  9. Suits 610
  10. Young Sheldon 599

Top 10 Movies

  1. The Judge 703
  2. Anyone But You (2023) 531
  3. The Idea Of You 528
  4. The Equalizer (2014) 478
  5. Unfrosted 464
  6. Blended 425
  7. Shrek 403
  8. The Great Wall (2016) 354
  9. Smurfs: The Lost Village 262
  10. The Super Mario Bros. Movie 233


Top 10 Overall

  1. Bluey 1,181
  2. Grey’s Anatomy 1,115
  3. Fallout (2024) 1,081
  4. Family Guy 819
  5. Baby Reindeer 734
  6. NCIS 733
  7. The Judge 703
  8. Dead Boy Detectives 699
  9. White Collar 681
  10. Bob’s Burgers 649

Did you watch any of these shows or films on the Nielsen streaming chart? If so, please let me know on social media!

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