If you are a Disney+ subscriber, keep an eye out for scam text messages and emails that claim that you’ve missed a monthly payment.  There is a new scam going around where a bogus text prompts Disney+ subscribers to click on a link to resubmit their payment details, where the scammers steal personal and financial information, which can be used for identity fraud and to steal money from a bank account.

This recent scam has been highlighted by CEL Solicitors, who help people that are scammed out of large amounts of money get it back.

Ryan Beeley, a fraud expert solicitor at CEL Solicitors, said:

“This scam sees fraudsters posing as popular streaming services such as Disney Plus, and many people, even those who don’t have an account, are receiving texts.  The text prompts receivers to follow a link, some devices block this, but those who make it through fill in a form with their personal details and bank account details.

Money is taken from their account but their personal details can also be used by fraudsters to commit further scams.  The fake Disney+ text message usually tells victims: “Your payment could not be processed. To continue using our service, please update your details here”.

Should you ever get any text or email messages that you weren’t aware of, never click on the link, always go to your own web browser and go directly to DisneyPlus.com, then head into the account section.  If there are any issues, it will be indicated within the platform.  And if you ever failed to update your payment details, the worse thing that could happen with Disney+, is that you’d be prompted within the app that your subscription has expired, to which you could just add your payment settings within the app or on the official website.

These text messages often use the words like “Act Now” to try to pressure people to acting with a sense of urgency.

Ryan Beeley added:

“Be wary of any texts, calls or emails that ask for payment or an update of personal details or payment information.  Check the number or email it has come from, does this match what is listed on their website? If there are any links, does this look similar to the official website?  In the case of a streaming service or bank contacting you to update details, you could log onto your account and check your account details there.”

We’ve also been made aware by some members of our Disney+ Facebook group of people getting emails offering an annual subscription to Disney+ with over 90% off.  Again, this is a scam to steal your information and card details.

If you’re in doubt, you can also contact Disney+ directly through their telephone help desk or online live chat at Help.DisneyPlus.com before adding any payment details.

The scam message may also urge Disney+ subscribers to “act now”, which could pressure victims into rushing to click on the link without checking whether it’s genuine or not.

If you do get one of these texts or emails, please delete them.  Or just ask someone else for some advice, be it a family member or friend. Never feel embrassed about asking as it can happen to everyone and almost everyone gets scam messages, some of which look a lot like official emails.

Should you click on the link in the text/email and think you’ve been scammed, its also a good idea to contact your bank as soon as possible.

Again, if you are in doubt after receiving a message about your subscription, please talk to someone before acting upon it.

Source – Express

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