DisneyNature gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how their team studying polar bears is able to put together a new documentary in this exclusive documentary, “Bear Witness.” While working on “Polar Bear,” we learn about the troubles the team face due to climate change and harsh weather conditions as they are only 300 miles from the North Pole. Blair Underwood provides the narration for this documentary about how a documentary is put together.

Much like DisneyNature’s focus on dolphins, elephants and penguins, I enjoyed this more than the actual documentaries on the subjects themselves. These behind-the-scenes documentaries feel more like the documentaries I watch regularly rather than the typical DisneyNature documentaries. I think the ones that focus on the animals are targeted more to a younger audience to draw them in to the documentary. Meanwhile, these behind-the-scenes documentaries feel more like the National Geographic documentaries I prefer.

I was far more interested in the story of the polar bears from this perspective than I was the polar bears in the documentary “Polar Bear.” I think the animals are very interesting, but I was more engaged with how the crew was studying them rather than how some writer wanted the polar bear to present itself. If DisneyNature is going to present these documentaries with the younger-minded storytelling, that’s great, but I need them to keep adding these behind-the-scenes documentaries to keep me more invested.

Much like “Polar Bear” the actual content of this documentary was great, even if I prefer the presentation from “Bear Witness” more. These documentaries provide a window to some of the most beautiful terrains on this Earth and access to animals the majority of the world will never see up close. I love that these documentaries are available and can’t wait to see more as they are made.

Ranking: 3.5 stars

What did you think of “Bear Witness?”


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