Last week on Disney+ Day, a special premiere took place in Buenos Aires for the brand new Disney+ Original series “Entrelazados” aka “Intertwined”.

This new series was made entirely in Latin America and tells the story of Allegra, who dreams of joining the Eleven O’ Clock music hall company to be the protagonist of “Freaky Friday,” the play that made her grandma famous many years ago. Her grandmother, Cocó, is a living legend of the musical theater and has a complicated relationship with Caterina, Allegra’s mother. Allegra’s life changes drastically when she finds a mysterious bracelet at home. The bracelet takes her to 1994, the year Caterina was her age and was starting her career in Eleven O’ Clock while she lived in Coco’s shadow (Cocó was a star at the peak of her career by then). Will Allegra be able to change the past?

Attending the event was Carolina Domenech, José Giménez Zapiola “El Purre”, Manuel Ramos and Kevsho.   Along with many of the original series cast including  Elena Roger, Clara Alonso, Manuela Menéndez, Tatiana Glikman, Abril Suliansky, Benjamín Amadeo, Paula Morales, Lucila Gandolfo, Rodrigo Pedreira, Berenice Gandullo, Franco Piffaretti  and Fabio Aste . 

There were also some special guests attending the even including Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez, Diego Topa, Mica Suarez, Mechi Lambre, Facundo Gambandé, Pili Pascual, and the cast of the original Disney + Freeks series: Guido Pennelli, Julián Cerati, Alan Madanes, Pablo Turturiello, Gastón Vietto, Malena Narvay and Malena Ratner.




Here are some photos from the event:

Are you enjoying “Entrelazados” aka “Intertwined” on Disney+?

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