Disney has announced that the Latin American Disney+ Original, “Intertwined” has been picked up for a second season, with production on season two beginning in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The musical series will see the return of Carolina Domenech (“Allegra”), Elena Roger (“Cocó”), Clara Alonso (“Caterina”), José Giménez Zapiola “El Purre” (“Marco”) and Kevsho (“Félix”). On […]

Last week on Disney+ Day, a special premiere took place in Buenos Aires for the brand new Disney+ Original series “Entrelazados” aka “Intertwined”. This new series was made entirely in Latin America and tells the story of Allegra, who dreams of joining the Eleven O’ Clock music hall company to be the protagonist of “Freaky […]

Disney has released a trailer from a brand new trailer and information on “Entrelazados”, which is the first Disney+ Original series made in Latin America. The entire new series will be released on Disney+ on Disney+ Day. It’s also been confirmed that the series will also be released on Disney+ around the world on the […]