As the world turns to streaming its content during the global pandemic, according to a new study, by Amica Senior Lifestyle, Seniors and Baby Boomers have been turning to Disney+ and Netflix for their entertainment.

2 in 5 (41%) said that they have used Disney+ and/or Netflix during the pandemic as part of a new trend of older generations trying more new technology due to the events of 2020.

When asked what benefits they see from using platforms like Disney+ a third (33%) said that they watch to enjoy feelings of nostalgia from old films and shows. Slightly less (31%) said they use it to assist with keeping positive mental wellbeing, with a quarter (25%) saying they used such platforms specifically to make them laugh and happy.

Of those that use TV streaming services, 2 in 5 (41%) said that they use it simply to pass the time, whilst 1 in 10 (10%) watch shows on these platforms to have something to talk about with others.

Overall, the majority (71%) of our Seniors and Baby Boomers said that they intend to stick to at least some element of their new tech choices after the global pandemic is finished. Other tech choices found in the survey involved video calling (72%), social media usage (42%), and music streaming services (29%).

Julie (Hoggard) Winn, Senior Clinical Director at Valley Behavioral Health, a mental health service provider, discussed the positive impact streaming services can have on older generations:

“TV streaming has come to the rescue of so many people because it contains different genres of movies. It helps you not get bored, it can fill in as a system for individuals to intellectually try not to manage the regular day to day life challenges, stay associated with mainstream society, experience positive feelings.  Senior citizens who have little or nothing to do can also benefit from streaming on Netflix because there are great comedy movies they can watch and enjoy a good laugh. They are also updated and can discuss trending movies with their peers and family giving them an avenue to socialize.”

I know personally, that with my parents, who are in their 60’s have been watching more Netflix and Disney+ this year, because I wanted them to have access to these apps (I gave them my old smart TV when I upgraded) so they had more content available to them during the pandemic, so they could watch something better than “daytime” TV, day after day.  And they do seem to love talking to me about “Baby Yoda” as they ploughed through every episode of “The Mandalorian” in a single weekend.   So this survey fits what’s happened in my family this year.

Have you been using Disney+ or Netflix more in 2020?

Source – Amica

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