On Tuesday, the Writer’s Guild Of America and The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP aka the Studios), had a meeting to try to come to an agreement in order to end the strike, which began in May and has resulted in filming and development on many shows and films to come to a halt.

Last week, the studios gave a counter-offer to the writer’s union, which apparently dealt with most of the major issues, with increased residuals, more pay and minimum staffing being one of the concessions.

Unfortunately, the writer’s strike is still ongoing as the writer’s union presented a counterproposal to the studios, which included conceding a one-person reduction on its initial demands around minimum staff sizes. However, the studios want the showrunners to decide how many writers a TV show needs.

According to Deadline‘s sources, the meeting concluded with “mixed results”.  Most of the details about the negotiations are unknown, since there is supposed to be a media blackout from both sides, though information does seem to be continuing to leak out, generally to show that the studios are offering a compromise.

Some of the other issues that still need to reach an agreement on include protection from artificial intelligence and improved transparency on viewing figures, plus having more control around writers’ rooms.

It’s unknown when the writer’s union and studios will meet again, but there is much more pressure on now to get the deal sorted, especially so work can resume to salvage the winter season, as if they get a deal done soon, it might mean some of the most popular shows could return for a shorter season.  If the strike lasts too much longer, many of the scripted series won’t return for new seasons this winter.

Both Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos and Disney CEO Bob Iger are now stepping up to try to get the situation resolved, so hopefully, the studios will meet in the next few days to go over the writer’s counterproposal, to either agree or come back with another counter offer.  At least while the two sides are talking, there is more chance of this situation being resolved.

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