After four long days of neogiations, it looks like a deal has been made between the Writer’s Guild of America and the Studios including Disney, as lawyers for for labor and management have joined the meeting at the AMPTP Sherman Oaks office, to come together to finalise the fine print of language in contract.

The meeting is being attended by WGA’s Ellen Stutzman and AMPTP’s Carol Lombardini, though the studio executives are not at the meeting in person, but are in communication with their team.

The strike started back in May, with some meetings in August, but in the past week, for the past four days, the two sides have been locked in long meetings, with a desire to get this sorted before the Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur, which starts on Sunday. According to an insider who told Deadline, that “The intention was always to wrap this up by the weekend” and “That was the desire on both sides of the table”.

Once the language for the contract is finished, the Writer’s Guild members will have to ratified the deal. It’s unknown exactly when writing could then continue. The Screen Actors Guild is also still on strike and its likely the studios will act quickly to begin talks to resolve the issues and get Hollywood moving again.

No official details have been announced regarding the deal have been revealed. But it looks like the writer’s strike is finally coming to a close.

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