It’s Sunday and time to take our weekly look at what everybody is watching on Disney+, which is once again dominated by “The Simpsons”.

Here is the Disney+ Trending chart for the week ending Sunday 20th September 2020 for the United States:

  1. The Simpsons (-)
  2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (-)
  3. Moana (4)
  4. Frozen 2 (3)
  5. Star Wars: The Mandalorian (19)
  6. Phineas & Ferb (-)
  7. Once Upon A Time (NEW)
  8. Frozen (7)
  9. Jessie (8)
  10. Toy Story 4 (14)
  11. Avengers: Endgame (15)
  12. Hamilton (16)
  13. Aladdin (2019) (12)
  14. Monsters Inc (Re-Entry)
  15. Mulan (2020)
  16. The Lion King (2019) (23)
  17. Mulan (1998) (11)
  18. Toy Story (Re-Entry)
  19. Black Panther (17)
  20. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Re-Entry)
  21. Coco (24)
  22. Zootopia (Re-Entry)
  23. Cars (Re-Entry)
  24. Tangled (Re-Entry)
  25. Incredibles 2 (Re-Entry)

This week’s only new entry is the ABC series “Once Upon A Time”, which was added to Disney+ on Friday and with over 150 episodes, this show will probably be sticking around on the trending chart for a while due to the binge nature of the series.

There are lots of re-entries into the trending chart this week, with many classic Disney movies like “Monsters Inc” shuffling around the bottom end of the chart.

With the second season of “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” due to arrive at the end of next month, fans have begun rewatching the show.

Disney doesn’t provide actual viewing numbers for Disney+, so this chart is based off the Trending section on my Disney+ app on Sunday morning.  Numbers within brackets indicate last weeks spot on the trending chart.


What have you been watching on Disney+ this week?

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Roger Palmer

Roger has been a Disney fan since he was a kid and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney Parks around the globe and has a vast collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What's On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Twitter: Facebook:

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  1. Ernesto Chacon September 20, 2020

    For 7 Weeks the Simpsons continues to be #1 trending on Disney+. Literally it's going to be another 2-3 weeks where the Simpsons continues to be #1 in Trending unless next week they get bump to number 2 (which I doubt it). ?