It’s Friday and time to take a look at what’s been added onto Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which includes a brand new comedy series, plus some classic films.

Here’s the rundown:

This Fool

Julio Lopez has a heart of gold and goes out of his way to help everyone but himself. Julio attempts to better his community, overcome his codependency issues with his family, and navigate working-class life in South Central.

The New Mutants

In this terrifying, action-filled film based on the MARVEL comic series, five young people who demonstrate special powers are forced to undergo treatment at a secret institution — allegedly to cure them of the dangers of their powers. But it’s soon clear that their containment is part of a much bigger battle between the forces of good and evil!


After hitting rock bottom, former boxing champion Jimmy McCabe returns to his old club and agrees to take on an experienced opponent in an unlicensed fight.

Kill Command

Set in the near future, an elite squad of highly trained marines is sent on a not so routine training exercise on a remote island home to advanced military robots.

Picture Perfect

A woman improves her life with a photo that makes the boss think she has a fiancee. As her career takes off, she pretends to enjoy a fling with the office lothario until the man in the photo agrees to play her fiance for an evening and they fall in love.

The Lunchbox

A wrongly delivered lunchbox connects a housewife – Ila Vaid, to Saajan Fernandes, a lonely man in the dusk of his life. In the city that crushes dreams and recycles them every day, they both find a dream to hold on to. They exchange notes in the lunchbox and create a fantasy life. As the lunchbox goes back and forth, this fantasy becomes so elaborate that it threatens to overwhelm their reality.

Preppers UK Surviving Armageddon

UK Preppers delves into the hidden world of prepping and the secretive community of UK Preppers and Survivalists.

Once Upon A Time in America (1984)

Noodles, a former gangster during the Prohibition Era, returns to New York after a self-imposed exile to confront his past and make amends for his mistakes.

Heat (1995)

Lieutenant Hanna, a detective, decides to catch a highly intelligent seasonal criminal who has vowed to pull off one last robbery before he retires for good.

King of Comedy (1982)

Rupert Pupkin desperately wants to become a comedian and approaches talk show host Jerry Langford for a chance to perform on his show. When all fails, he teams up with Masha to kidnap Jerry.

Guilty By Suspicion (1991)

Owing to his alleged involvement with communist parties, film director David Merrill is forbidden from working in Hollywood. He decides to fight for his rights and faces numerous challenges.

What are you looking forward to watching on Disney+ this week?

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