It’s Monday, and time to take a look at what’s been added on to Disney+ today, which includes a brand new episode of “The Walking Dead”.

Here’s the rundown:

The Walking Dead – Season 11 – Episode 23

Mercer secretly brings Eugene to Max and Yumiko. He is said to be hiding in an apartment until further action has been clarified. Meanwhile, a group led by Maggie, Negan and Daryl take the train to take down Pamela for good. They bring the missing people back to the Commonwealth. There, an angry crowd is already protest in front of Pamela’s office and demanding.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War S1 (New Episode)

The Wardenriech and Yhawch swiftly defeat several Captains and Lieutenants. Understanding the severity of the situation, Captain-Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto advances to the front lines to face off against the Quincy King.

Note: This will be added to Disney+ at 16:30.

What are you going to watch on Disney+ today?

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