It’s Monday and time to take a look at what’s been added onto Disney+ in the United States today, which includes a special live presentation for the Solar Eclipse, plus lots of new Hulu On Disney+ additions.

Here’s the rundown:

Eclipse Across America

On Monday, April 8, at least 32 million people across America will find themselves in the path of a total solar eclipse, where the moon will completely block the sun in what will be the last of its kind in the U.S. until 2044. To celebrate this rare moment, ABC News and National Geographic announce the unparalleled event “Eclipse Across America,” airing live Monday, April 8, beginning at 2:00 p.m. EDT on ABC, ABC News Live, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, Disney+ and Hulu as well as network social media platforms. The special will be anchored by “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir and “ABC News Live Prime” anchor Linsey Davis, who will be reporting live from Burlington, Vermont.

Vanderpump Villa – New Episode – HULU

One staff member’s antics reach a new high, causing a rift in the back of the house. But when a new group of guests arrive with their own set of issues, lines become blurred, and the drama spills over to the front of the house.

Ishura: Complete Season 1 (Dubbed) – HULU

A host of demigods have inherited the world after the Demon King has died, and a battle to determine the mightiest ensues.

The Simpsons – New Episode – HULU

Marge gets a job in a high-pressure ghost kitchen, but when she tries to start a union, she gets more than she collectively bargained for

American Idol – New Episode – HULU

The top 24 travel to Hawaii, with 12 taking the stage for America’s first vote this season.

Krapopolis – New Episode – HULU

Nymph Daphne and Tyrannis arrange a meeting to negotiate peace between the city and the forest. Hippocampus and Nymph Daphne hide out in Hippocampus’ bunker

Grimsburg – New Episode – HULU

In a failed attempt to catch “The Cartwheel Killer,” Marvin is eager for a new partner who won’t slow him down. Someone sleek and tough, with the mustache befitting its own 80s TV show, Marvin looks for a partner just like him, if not better

The Great North – New Episode – HULU

When Beef is threatened by someone else potentially dating Carissa, he decides to fight a new bear from Fat Bear Week. Meanwhile, Ham takes Aunt Dirt to the gay bars around town, but she struggles to feel comfortable

Other new additions via Hulu On Disney+ may include:

  • Good Morning America (New Episode)
  • World News Tonight (New Episode)
  • Nightline (New Episode)
  • What Would You Do (New Episode)
  • Fox News Sunday (New Episode)
  • This Week with George Stephanopoulos (New Episode)

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