Hulu subscribers have plenty of new content to enjoy this week, with the season finales of “The Patient”, “Tell Me Lies” and “Reboot”, plus many international originals and much more.

Here are some highlights:

The French Dispatch

An American expatriate newspaper in a fictional twentieth-century French town releases their final issue in this ensemble anthology.

Streaming Tuesday, October 25

The D’Amelio Show: New Episodes

Episode 209:  “You’re Being Drama”
Charli heads back into the studio to improve her single, but a new guy friend distracts her attention. As Dixie prepares for her album release and tour, her physical and mental health suffer as her and Noah consider a summer apart.

Episode 210: “This Season Has Been a Rollercoaster”
As Charli and her new guy friend face harsh rumors, she makes some exciting moves as she turns 18—both in her love life and with her music. Dixie prepares for her album launch and live performance, but anxiety threatens two years of hard work.

Streaming Wednesday, October 26

Black Rock Shooter: Down Fall

The year is 2062. Earth has been left in ruin after the failure of a labor automation project when the AI called Artemis waged war against humanity. A girl, Empress, awakens in a research lab. As one of the three surviving guardians, she must destroy the Orbital Elevator before Artemis can complete its construction. Failure will result in a machine army overrunning Earth. However, Artemis’ Unmanned Forces and a cult may have motives of their own.

Streaming Wednesday, October 26

The Kardashians – Season 2 – New Episode

Cameras return to capture the ever-changing lives of Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie. The family welcomes viewers back to stand with them through their biggest triumphs and struggles. From fiery romances and life changing milestones to unimaginable successes. The family bond remains unbreakable as they navigate their public and private lives for the world to see.

Streaming Thursday, October 27

Wild Crime – Season 2

Lone Wolf and ABC News are back for a second season of “Wild Crime.” This time following the mysterious murder of a young woman in her 20s- thought to be a cold case- suddenly heats up after nearly 40 years

Two-Episode Season Premiere Now Streaming, With New Episodes Dropping Tuesday, Oct. 25, and Wednesday, Oct. 26

Matthew Perry: The Diane Sawyer Interview

 Matthew Perry shares his experience with success, fame, and his struggle with addiction. The exclusive special features never-before shared details from behind the scenes of “Friends” and Perry’s near-death experience.

Streaming Saturday, October 29

Pink Lie

Does unconditional love exist? Young men and women move into the Pink House, each carrying one lie about themselves, be it their occupation, age, or academic background. They gather to find a partner who truly sees them for who they are. True identities reveal as the relationships walk the tight rope between love and reality. Will love endure for the other even after the truths reveal?

Streaming Wednesday, October 26

Shadow Detective

Taekrok gets a threatening call and is falsely charged with murder. He desperately recalls the past.

Streaming Wednesday, October 26

El Encargado

“El Encargado” is a dramedy that narrates, in an ironic and humorous tone, the adventures of Eliseo, a first-class building superintendent who, behind the back of the homeowners’ association that hired him, uses and abuses his power to surveil and meddle. A building is a universe whose ecosystem works under its own dynamics and specific rules — the superintendent knows each one perfectly well. He lives there, works there, and absorbs every detail of the inhabitants’ lives. But underneath his seemingly submissive and servile appearance hides a talented schemer. A mask of humility and honesty is his most resourceful weapon. Knowledge is his power. He knows everything about his neighbors: their names, schedules, jobs, bonds, weaknesses, and tastes. His brain is constantly recording everything that goes on. With that advantage over his “victims”, he devises strategies to influence each of them and can accurately anticipate how they will react to his moves. The power game over his neighbors is like that of the cat and mouse. According to his whims, his mood, or the need to defend his job at all costs, he can cause wide-ranging damage. He also imparts justice and protects those he deems meek. He acts like a god in his own land.

Streaming Wednesday, October 26

What are you looking forward to watching on Hulu this week?

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