For all of the foolish mortals out there, we want to celebrate the release of the new “Haunted Mansion” movie by showcasing some of the titles currently available on Disney+ for this beloved theme park attraction and the actors of the new movie.

The first title is the “Behind the Attraction” series with a feature on the Haunted Mansion. It recounts the history behind creating the attraction in the United States at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, as well as various versions of the ride that are in Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. It even goes into some of the backstory on famous ghosts in the mansion.  And if you want to learn even more about the spooky attraction, the fifth episode of “The Imagineering Story” goes into great depth into the creation of the attraction.

Another special that showcases the Haunted Mansion is “Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic”. This feature details how the American theme parks are decorated for the holidays, including the beloved and wildly popular transformation for the Halloween and Christmas holidays featuring decor from “The Nightmare Before Christmas movie”. That movie is also available currently on Disney+ for some fun spooky haunts.

In 2003, a feature-length movie for “The Haunted Mansion” was released starring Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Tilly. The story follows a family who gets roped into the mystery of Gracey Manor and learning the importance of family and sticking together to figure out how to escape the manor. There is also a “Muppets Haunted Mansion” story centering around Gonzo and a scary night in the mansion. Out of all of the films and specials about the attraction. this is the one that is the most Halloween-centric for films.

For the movie released this year, the cast includes many Disney alumni: Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Each actor has other titles that are currently available on Disney+. Wilson voices Lightning McQueen in the popular Pixar movie, “Cars”, and its sequels. Danny DeVito also voices a character in the animated 1997 movie “Hercules”. He plays Phil, the trainer who helps Hercules to become a hero worthy of rejoining the Gods on Mount Olympus. Lastly, Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the mother figure in the “Freaky Friday” remake with Lindsay Lohan.

Check out all of the “Haunted Mansion” titles and those of the 2023 cast now on Disney+.

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