Cooking shows have been very popular in recent years, with more people enjoying the activity and the artistry that comes with presenting food. Given this interest, there are numerous titles on Disney+ that even feature this new favorite pastime, so we wanted to take the chance to highlight those titles here for you.

An old favorite is Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off. This 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie follows Eddie, a middle-school aged baseball player, as he realizes his true passion for cooking. Through some trials and mishaps along the way, he comes to realize that there can be more than one passion to pursue in life, even if it isn’t something you had ever thought of doing before. This movie even features a cameo by a world-famous chef, Bobby Flay.

The next title that centers around cooking, more broadly the world of food art, is Foodtastic. The first season premiered in 2021 on Disney+ and was hosted by Keke Palmer, who is part of the Disney family through roles in both Lightyear and Jump In!. Each episode has teams of three culinary experts compete in a small challenge and then a larger, more elaborate final round and centers on a specific theme. These themes include Marvel, Toy Story, and other Disney classic titles.

Another fun cooking series available on Disney+ is the series Be Our Chef. Five families compete for the grand prize in a series of Disney-inspired challenges. The families are tasked to create unique dishes based on famous Disney characters like Cinderella, Mulan, and Moana. Each dish is then judged by legendary Disney chefs and highlights the importance of family and coming together in the Disney spirit.

A final cooking title is actually for baking – Disney’s Magic Bake-Off.  In this series, kid bakers are competing to be dubbed the “Disney Baking Champion”. Through each episode, the competitors are tasked to make cakes based on different Disney themes such as Star Wars, Disney princesses, the Disney theme parks and more.

Which one of these would you like to see a sequel or second season come to Disney+? Let us know!


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Megan Ribovich

Megan is a Disney enthusiast that enjoys checking out the latest movies, television shows, and Broadway shows. Her favorite Disney movie is the classic "Beauty and the Beast".

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