National Geographic’s latest new series is “Welcome To Earth”, which sees Will Smith travel around the world with some of the best explorers in their field, visiting some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

There are six episodes in this series, with each episode taking place in a different location, including diving deep beneath the ocean, dodging exploding rocks on the tip of Volcano and avoiding lions on the African plains.

The focus of each episode is generally themed around a particular sense, such as vision, smell and sound, or other ideals like the mind of a swarm and also fear.

As you expect with a series like this, it all comes down to the main presenter.  If you like them, that’s going to make a massive difference.  So it’s not a big surprise to see that Will Smith is the main draw to this series and seeing him push his boundaries, as he has many fears that he wants to overcome.  For someone who comes across so confident, with him being so young when he started work on “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”, he has been unable to enjoy some of the more simpler things in life, such as camping.

So this series is a real test for him, and he really pushes himself to experience something different.  He is able to do some incredible things, especially when he gets to go into a small sub and dive deep into the ocean, exploring a dark world that very few people get to experience.

I was really surprised with how Will Smith came across on this documentary series. He generally seems to be excited but also terrified of some of the things he is doing.  He comes across as a very likeable fella, and that comes across throughout the series, as he speaks with the experts and with the blind explorer, Erik Weihenmayer, who is incredible and an inspiration, as he accompanies Will on a number of these adventures.

“Welcome To Earth” is an extremely well-produced series. It’s got some incredible scenic shots of stunning waterfalls, volcanos, deserts, and much more.  The series looks beautiful, and the overall feel of the show is that it’s an expensive series to make.  Sometimes with travel documentaries, they can feel pretty basic, but this one certainly doesn’t spare the pennies as they travel to some difficult places, especially when they go under the ocean in the sub.

If you love to travel or just have a love of exploring, especially at a time when travelling is either impossible or restricted, being able to join Will on his trip around some of the most beautiful places on the planet is the closest thing we can get to doing it.  And for the majority of people, this might be the closest they can ever get.

I’ve been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling over the years and visited some incredible places. I’ve climbed active volcanos in Guatemala, scuba dived with sharks in Fiji, visited the waterfalls in Iceland in the twilight and camped in the Serengeti.    I’ve also been lucky enough to go abseiling and kayaking in some incredible places.  So for me, this series doesn’t feel like something that just Hollywood actors get to do, while my adventures had a smaller budget, and Will got to do many of the things on a different level to your average person.

I completely understood how he felt when he’s standing near a volcano, and you have to keep an eye out for flying lumps of lava flying through the air or that feeling of being watched by Lions when your camping.   I watched on in awe at some of the things Will Smith was able to do, and personally, this brought back my own memories of my adventures while travelling, so this series hit me on a completely different level than it might do for you.

For many, I could see this series being just another show with a famous person doing stupid things in beautiful locations.  There’s nothing in here that we haven’t seen done before.  So if it’s very much about if you want to watch Will Smith experience these adventures and if you’re a fan of him, you really can’t go wrong.

“Welcome To Earth” is an incredible adventure series, with one of the nicest Hollywood actors taking us on a trip around the world and showcasing some of the most beautiful places on the planet.  If you love learning more about our planet, or just love watching celebrities doing crazy things, this is a series for you.

Rating – 4.5 out of 5

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