Today, Warner Brothers Discovery held its quarterly financial investors call, where the CEO David Zaslav was asked about the new streaming bundle that will incorporate Disney+, Hulu and Max, which is set to launch later this year in the United States. This is in addition to a new sports streaming service, which will incorporate Disney, Fox and Warner Brother Discovery’s sports content in one platform, which can also be bundled with Max and Disney+.

David explained that their goal is to squeeze more profitability out of their direct-to-consumer platforms by working with rival studios rather than competing with major players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

While no price point for the new triple bundle has been announced, Zaslav explained:

“It will be priced well, and it will be both ad light and on ad free and for consumers in the U.S. it will be a really positive consumer experience and gives us a real advantage and opportunity when you look at the marketplace.”

And David explained how the partnership would allow them to be at the centre of the bundling push, to not only obtain new subscribers, but also retain existing customers:

“Two of the world’s most storied content companies are joining forces to deliver consumers the best and most diverse offering of entertainment at a very attractive price”.

During that same investors call, JB Perrette, who is the CEO and president of global streaming and games at Warner Brothers, added:

“What happened in the 2010s is the industry went down a very dangerous financial path of trying to invest in every type of content, in every genre, to try and be something for everyone.

The Warner Brothers Discovery CEO is now calling for studios to stick to their lanes:

“We’re now getting back to all being great at what we do and swim in the lanes that we were great at. Disney obviously is incomparable and a world leader in kids and family. We are world leaders in premium dramas, scripted drama, comedy and non-fiction verticals, and we can get back to investing in and prioritizing our lanes and our key content, and they can do that. And these bundles synthetically allow us to do that, while providing the consumer with a very attractive price for the combination of products,”

At the moment, no pricing or release date has been announced for the new streaming bundle with Disney+, Hulu and Max. Nor has it been revealed if Max content will be available within Disney+, similar to the recent launch of Hulu On Disney+ and the upcoming ESPN On Disney+ hub.

Roger’s POV: David Zaslav has been talking about wanting to return to the days of bundling for a long time and clearly doesn’t want to spend tonnes of money chasing Netflix and instead is trying to work out a path forward. Max can already be included as a bonus add-on for Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, so it’s not a huge surprise to see Max wanting to be available for Disney+ customers. It also potentially opens up the door for other partnerships in the future.

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