Later this year, a new season of “Doctor Who” is set to debut on the BBC in the UK and on Disney+ around the world, which will see the new Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa set off on his first adventure in the TARDIS, with his new companion, Ruby Sunday, who Millie Gibson plays.

On Christmas Day, Millie Gibson made her debut as the latest “Doctor Who” companion in the Christmas special, “The Church On Ruby Road”, but according to the Mirror, the actress has been dropped as the Doctor’s companion during the filming of the second season and is being replaced by Varada Seethu, who will become the next companion.

Varada Seethu has already begun filming for the second season and has previously starred in the Disney+ Original series “Star Wars: Andor” and the Sky Original series, “Strike Back”.   Varada has also starred in “Jurassic World Dominion” and “Now You See Me 2”.


The BBC source told the Mirror about Varada’ joining the series:

“Varada is a real gem, Russell was just blown away by her talent. The cast and crew have really warmed to her and he’s sure the fans will too.”

Millie will also not appear in this year’s Christmas Day special and will only be making a handful of appearances in the show’s second season, appearing in three episodes, with one of those episodes focusing on the storyline that will write her out. 

According to insiders,

“Millie Gibson has all but left now and there’s a brand new companion, which is really exciting.  Russell is keeping things moving and isn’t letting the grass grow, that’s for sure.”

Only recently, during an interview, Millie Gibson spoke about her plans to do other projects and was looking to do more auditions following the end of the strikes, hinting that her time as a Doctor Who companion was coming to an end.

While Millie’s only recently debuted as Ruby, it’s not uncommon for companions to only be around for a season or two.  As Pearl Mackie, who played Bill Potts, only was on the show for one season.

The first season of “Doctor Who”, is set to debut on the BBC in the UK and on Disney+ around the world in May.  With the BBC’s new partnership with Disney, which has resulted in an increase in budget, the show will be reverting back to season one as a new jumping-on point for viewers. 

Recently, the show celebrated its 60th anniversary with three specials that saw David Tennant return as the Doctor and also introduced Ncuti as the new Doctor, ahead of his own Christmas special.   All four specials are available to stream now on the BBC iPlayer in the UK and on Disney+ around the world.

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