Disney’s latest reality series is “Vanderpump Villia”, which follows Lisa Vanderpump’s hand-selected staff as they work, live, and play at an exclusive French estate: Chateau Rosabelle.

Each episode follows this so-called elite staff as they try to provide a luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime, Vanderpump-curated experience for guests while dealing with rivalries, romances, and raucous misadventures that come from living and working together 24/7.

The staff includes chefs, cleaners, servers, and a lot of egos. Each member of the elite staff constantly gets involved in drama, which would be expected from children. They argue over the most ridiculous things that are obviously fake, such as the sous chef burning a single croissant or an on-off-on relationship between two unprofessional servers, who obviously weren’t picked for their work ethic.  

While the premise for this series sounds interesting—getting to see behind the curtain of a luxury resort—it’s so fake and pretentious that it’s hard to watch. Even the guests feel like they’ve been cast as they interact with the staff. 

Nothing about this series feels authentic, and everything feels set up to fuel a cheap reality series. Everything is set up to look as beautiful and expensive as possible, but within minutes of the first guests arriving, the staff are taking vodka shots straight out of the bottle and arguing in front of the guests.   Throw in partying with the guests, love triangles, arguments and other drama, and it’s very obvious why most of the staff were picked.

At one point, I even questioned if the Chateau was even in France. If the talent going on this show wanted to look professional and get more work within the hospitality industry, this series does an awful job of showing that, as most of them seem unhireable. But no doubt, most of them are looking to boost their social media following, book more modelling gigs, and become influencers.  

Many of the staff came across as entitled brats, who were constantly whining about something trivial or blaming someone else or some previous “trauma” from earlier in their life.    Lisa also does some “interviews” with the guests about whatever the reason why they’ve “booked” a stay at the Chateau.

If you want a series to follow the lives of people working in a hotel, this isn’t for you. If you want to watch a load of cocky, arrogant twenty-somethings running around pretending to run a hotel with half a dozen guests, this might be worth checking out. 

Overall: Unfortunately, I found this reality series to be frustrating to watch. I enjoy a good reality series, but this just felt so fake, from the setup to the staff to the guests. “Vanderpump Villa” was a disappointment.

Rating: 2 Out Of 5

The first three episodes of “Vanderpump Villa” will be released on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+ in the United States and on Disney+ around the world.

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Roger Palmer

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