Whether we realize it or not, music has a way of sticking with us. Many of us can hum the theme songs of Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Avengers without giving it much thought, and we often associate music with our own personal memories or feelings.

Since Disney+ launched last November, we have laughed, cried, and rejoiced with many of our favorite Disney stories, and our responses to a film or TV show are often closely associated with its music.  In this article, we’re taking a look at the Top 10 musical scores from the Disney+ originals.

Lady and the Tramp (2019)

Joseph Trapanese has composed a great score for this film that fits both the story’s early 20th century time period and its romantic atmosphere. The album shifts to feel more like Christmas music near its ending, as Jim Dear, Darling, and their host of furry friends gather to celebrate the holidays together.

Top Tracks: “Scenic Route” and “Peace on Earth”

Artemis Fowl

While this film may not be the best masterpiece on Disney+, Patrick Doyle’s score for Artemis Fowl is wonderful! Many of the songs have elements that match the Irish setting of the film, and there are moments where the melodies truly soar.

Top Tracks: “Father and Son” and “The Fatal Blow”


As the latest original film on Disney+, Godmothered has a lot to live up to, but Rachel Portman has created a great score for this film. The theme is very recognizable, and each track helps to convey the whimsical nature of the film. The music easily invokes feelings of Christmastime (with a melodic line similar to The Polar Express), adding to the film’s sense of magic and wonder.

Top Tracks: “Your Dearest Wish” and “Jane Takes the Stage”

7) Clouds

While the score of Clouds is less recognizable than some of the entries on this list, it is perfect to accompany the film’s account of Zach Sobiech’s life. The music has a very acoustic and ethereal quality to it, matching the overall purpose and story of the film, and, despite the film’s devastating circumstances, Brian Tyler’s score always feels hopeful and inspirational.

Top Tracks: “Clouds Main Title” and “Inspiration Amid the Clouds”

6) The Imagineering Story

This is one of the best Disney+ originals to date, and Jeff Kryka’s score perfectly matches the style and flow of this docuseries. The music is very upbeat and often techno-driven, and the opening theme is instantly recognizable. Also, it is a great album to listen to while working or exercising!

Top Tracks: “Overture to Imagineering” and “Tokyo Disney Seas”

5) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 7)

Kevin Kiner’s score is a great addition to the Star Wars universe, as he mixes in brand-new melodies alongside John Williams’ greatest Star Wars music. However, while it is great to watch the episodes and hear Kiner’s score shine through the adventures of Ahsoka and the Bad Batch, this album is very chaotic to listen to on its own.

Top Tracks: “Burying the Dead” and “Star Wars Main Title & A Galaxy Divided”

4) Stargirl

This film seemed to slide under the rug on Disney+, but Rob Simonsen’s score is top-notch. The musical style perfectly matches the offbeat romance of Leo and Stargirl, and each of the tracks is very serene and beautiful. This album is probably the best music on Disney+ to listen to for studying or relaxation.

Top Tracks: “Leo” and “Susan Caraway”

3) Togo

Mark Isham is a seasoned veteran in the world of film composing, and his score for Togo hits all the right notes! The music during the early segments of the film resembles the calm nature of the Alaskan wilderness, but the tracks grow in intensity as the film reaches its climax. The music highlights the rugged nature of the characters’ journeys, and it never ceases to amaze.

Top Tracks: “To Nome” and “To Lead”

2) Noelle

This addition may be a surprise on this list, but Clyde Lawrence and Cody Fitzgerald have crafted the perfect Christmas film score! The album builds itself upon the theme of “Eventually”, and each track accents this wonderful main melody. Noelle is the result of a combination of indie-pop and Christmas music, and it’s exactly what we needed!

Top Tracks: “Eventually (Main Theme)” and “Noelle’s Theme”

1) The Mandalorian

Following in the footsteps of the great John Williams Star Wars scores, Ludwig Göransson has already created an iconic score in just 2 seasons of The Mandalorian! The style is unique from any other TV or film music and often involves real instrumentation, perfectly accenting the Western influences of the series. Fans have come to know, love, and hum Göransson’s Mandalorian theme, and his score for Season 2 has both featured the iconic Star Wars themes and has blazed new trails for what is to come. It’s genius!

Top Tracks: “The Mandalorian (Orchestral Version)” and “Mando is Back”

Which Disney+ album is your favorite?


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Corban Anderson

Corban has been a lifelong fan of The Walt Disney Company. Disney music is often the soundtrack of his life, and he loves listening to a new film score. In between new episodes of The Mandalorian, you can often find him planning his next trip to the Disney Parks or rewatching classic Disney TV shows.

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