Searchlight Pictures’ latest film is “The Greatest Hits”, which tells the story of Harriet, who experiences a unique connection between music and reality, as she discovers that specific songs have the power to transport her back in time, driving her to relive various special moments with her late-boyfriend, who tragically died two years ago.

However, her time-travelling experiences begin to bleed into the present day if she hears any song that triggers a memory, which causes her to become more of a recluse, losing many of her friends and also her career in music.

This movie does an interesting job of trying to show people dealing with grief, especially given her unique ability to revisit the past and spend time with her late boyfriend.   She tries everything possible to change the past, but nothing seems to work, so she desperately tries to track down a different song that might give her a new opportunity.

But when she meets someone new, she begins facing the difficult decision of whether altering the past is a worthwhile choice. We see her dealing with feeling guilty about moving on or having feelings for someone else, which would be tough for anyone in this position, let alone someone who keeps spending time with their late partner.

There are some interesting aspects along the way, such as how just hearing a song can trigger her time travel. This doesn’t always happen at convenient times, so she has to actively avoid hearing music. I thought this was a fun addition to the storyline and made it feel more unique. We’ve seen many time travel stories over the years, and I thought this movie’s method was unique.

As you might expect with a movie involving time travel via music, the film features a fantastic soundtrack and a great selection of songs to transport us through Harriet’s life.  It’s also a great advert for collecting vinyl records!

I doubt this movie is going to win any awards, but it’s an easygoing romantic film that is perfect for watching at home.  I also wouldn’t have minded adding some laughs or lighter moments to this story, especially since it deals with some dark issues.   But I also liked how Harriet’s time travelling is challenged by those who find out, since it could very easily just be her mind playing tricks on her, since the whole concept is rather crazy.

Overall: “The Greatest Hits” is a charming story about love and presents an interesting dilemma which would no doubt push most people in her situation over the edge.    It’s a sweet story about getting over someone by finding someone new and how that isn’t always easy to do.   It certainly isn’t perfect, and you can pretty much guess where it’s going, but it’s a pleasant romantic film that I enjoyed watching, but not one I’d watch again.

Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5

“The Greatest Hits” will be released in cinemas on April 5th 2024 for a limited time before arriving on Hulu and Hulu On Disney+ in the United States and on Disney+ around the world on April 12th 2024.

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