Scott Calvin is back and must find a wife to remain Santa Claus in the holiday sequel, “The Santa Clause 2.” While Charlie Calvin is rebelling against his school principal and her perceived hatred of Christmas, Scott is falling victim to the marriage clause in the contract on the card that made him Santa Claus. […]

The Mandalorian has taken the world by storm since its premiere last November, and Season 2 has expanded the scope of the show to include some breathtaking Star Wars cameos. While it is almost impossible to rank the episodes of The Mandalorian from best to worst, we have compiled a list of some of the […]

Mickey Mouse and Pluto go searching for a Christmas tree, but the one they bring back has a pair of chipmunks; Chip and Dale; living inside it, leading to Pluto nearly destroying the house trying to catch them in the 1952 Walt Disney Animation Studios animated short, “Pluto’s Christmas Tree.” This is one of the […]

With The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader finally released on Disney+, the entire Disney-20th Century Studios Narnia trilogy is together for the first time. (It’s a shame all 7 novels weren’t produced as films, which now Netflix will attempt, but that’s another story.)  However, currently, at least two dozen Disney-owned franchises […]

It’s a case of Murphy’s Law as Mickey and Minnie are trying grand gestures to tell each other how they feel in “An Ordinary Date,” the latest episode of the Disney+ Original Series “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.” While Mickey’s and Minnie’s plans keep going wrong, it’s Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Clarabelle that suffer […]

Disney has announced that it will be bringing the Blue Sky Studios animated movie, Ferdinand, to Disney+ in the United States on Friday 8th January 2021. Ferdinand (played by WWE’s John Cena) is a young bull who escapes from a training camp in rural Spain after his father never returns from a showdown with a […]

Mickey Mouse is serving as a squire to the brave knight, Sir Mortimer when he realizes Sir Mortimer isn’t as brave as his reputation suggests in the latest episode of “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.” In “The Brave Little Squire,” Mickey Mouse is a peasant who worships Sir Mortimer. When Sir Mortimer is looking […]

Earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced a new streaming service called Star would be launched internationally, rather than Hulu.  During the recent Disney Investor Day, details were finally announced Star, which will be fully integrated into Disney+ in select markets outside the U.S including Canada, Australia, Europe and the UK. Star will be […]

Disney has recently added lots of shows from the 24Kitchen into Disney+ in the Netherlands. 24Kitchen is a Dutch television speciality channel that airs both one-time and recurring programs about food and cooking.  Disney purchased the channel as part of 20th Century Fox. Shows available include Miljuschka in Mexico Rudolph’s Bakery Mounirs Marokko Estee in […]

In March, Disney+ will be getting many new originals including Marvel’s “The Falcon And The Falcon” plus the new animated movie “Raya and the Last Dragon” will be available on Premier Access. NOTE – This list isn’t complete and will be updated with new additions as they are announced.   The list is also subject to […]

The Walt Disney combines Mickey Mouse and friends with a literary classic in “Mickey’s A Christmas Carol.” Mickey Mouse plays Bob Cratchit and Scrooge McDuck plays Ebenezer Scrooge in this very short take on the story made famous by Charles Dickens. This version also features Goofy as the Ghost of Jacob Marley; Jiminy Crickett as […]

At last years Investor Day event, which was held in April 2019 and saw the Walt Disney Company reveal how many subscribers it was planning on getting for its new streaming service, Disney+. They had predicted that they wanted to hit between 60 million and 90 million subscribers by 2024.   Once Disney+ launched, it didn’t […]

It was announced by Walt Disney’s Chief Financial Officer Christine M. McCarthy during the Investor Day event that Disney+ will be getting a price rise. In March 2021, Disney+ in the United States will be increasing by $1 a month, to $7.99 a month. With Disney+ introducing a sixth pillar of “Star”, which will add […]

Comcast and The Walt Disney Company announced today that they have reached an agreement that includes the rights for Comcast to distribute the Disney+ and ESPN+ services on its Xfinity X1 and Flex platforms. “With the addition of Disney+ and ESPN+, our X1 and Flex customers will soon have the ability to easily find and […]