Disney and Marvel have teamed up to catch up viewers on the characters in their latest Disney+ Original Series, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Episode four through six put the focus on the Winter Soldier, Zemo and Sharon Carter. The Winter Soldier is a close friend of Captain America who was brainwashed by Hydra. Zemo […]

Captain America and Iron Man are at odds over the best way to serve as superheroes and that leads to the Avengers breaking up in “Captain America: Civil War.” After an accident in Sokovia leads to hundreds of deaths, 117 countries around the world want oversight for the second generation of Avengers. The Sokovia Accords […]

Each month, I bring you my list of the top series available on Disney+, which include series from across the Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar and Star franchises. With almost 300 different series available on Disney+ now, this list is here to give you a selection of different content available, mixing together Disney+ […]

Harper and Griffin learn more about the portal they have entered and how one girl’s hatred for the living Savannah led her to rig the talent show against Savannah and into the favor of Griffin’s dad as a young boy in episode 2 of “The Secrets of Sulphur Springs.” The two kids vow to make […]

Marvel is back giving fans a refresher on the two main characters in its upcoming Disney+ Original Series, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” with “Marvel Studios Legends.” Episode 3 focuses on Falcon, also known as Sam Wilson, a former Air Force member who has a cool suit that looks similar to a falcon’s wings. This […]

Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek has announced today during the Company’s virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders that Disney+ has surpassed 100 million global paid subscribers in just 16 months since its launch. “The enormous success of Disney+ —which has now surpassed 100 million subscribers—has inspired us to be even more ambitious, and to significantly increase our […]

Disney has always tried to keep up with the latest technology. According to a new patent that has been registered earlier this month, Disney is currently developing some new interactive elements, which could become part of its streaming platforms such as Disney+ and ESPN+. The patent is called “Cloud-based Image Rendering for Video Stream Enrichment” […]

Tony Stark is back and this time he has to fight a weapons contractor who is jealous of Stark and the Iron Man suit in “Iron Man 2.” That seems familiar. This time Justin Hammer enlists the help of a Russian man whose father was wronged by Tony’s father and is now looking for revenge. […]

Fans have their gripes about Disney Plus—such as hundreds of missing Disney-owned titles and not having enough options for audiences over age 12. Still, TV animation is where Disney Plus excels, as the streamer features dozens of shows produced since the 1980’s. Or is it? Those who grew up watching these cartoon series—along with a few live-action […]

Just prior to the launch of the new general entertainment brand “Star”, Disney announced the first 10 locally made “Star Originals” for Disney+, which include shows made in Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands.  With more British “Star Originals” set to be revealed at a later date. During a recent question and answer session at […]

This week, Disney is releasing its newest animated classic film, “Raya and the Last Dragon”, in cinemas and on Disney+ Premier Access.  This marks the first time Disney is using this new strategy to release a new film.  While “Mulan” was released on Disney+ Premier Access last year, it wasn’t available in cinemas due to […]

Disney has announced that the hit ABC series “The Catch” will be coming to Disney+ in the United Kingdom and Ireland on March 5th. Is a game of cat and mouse between L.A.’s top private investigator, Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos), and the man she loves, Benjamin Jones (Peter Krause), the world’s most formidable con artist. […]