Over the years, Disney has worked with some talented musicians over the years, and many have been enshrined as “Disney Legends.” One musician who has collaborated with Disney across multiple decades is Alan Menken. Menken rose to fame working with Howard Ashman on films like “Beauty” and “The Little Mermaid.” Following Ashman’s death, Menken continued […]

We are back with another Disney+ battle. This time we will be comparing and contrasting two popular films from the Disney Renaissance. Let’s see who wins between “Aladdin” and “Tarzan.” 1. PROTAGONIST The main character of “Aladdin” is Aladdin, a homeless orphan who wants to live in the palace. He finds a magic lamp and […]

The 1990s was one of the most successful times for the Walt Disney Animation Studios. The majority of the films released were part of the Disney Renaissance and most of them were box office hits. Even the ones that considered failures, still made their money back. Many people of a certain age will identify their […]

It’s time for another Disney+ battle. In this article, I will be comparing and contrasting two popular films from the Disney Renaissance. Both give family friendly takes on other cultures. One focuses on Greece while the other focuses on France. And neither of them really convey those cultures properly. But, we aren’t here to judge […]

“It’s the circle of life and it moves of all,” as Disney takes on the story of Hamlet while also teaching about wilds of Africa in what may be the pinnacle of Disney animation “The Lion King.” Simba is a lion cub who will one day be kind of the Pride Lands. But when his […]

We’re back with another Disney+ Battle. This week, an underrated gem from Disney’s Dark Age of Animation (or First Dark Age of Animation, if you prefer) takes on one of the last films in the Disney Renaissance as “The Fox and the Hound” goes head to head with “Mulan.” Let’s see which one wins this […]

You’ll be in my heart. That song punctuates the soundtrack of the final movie of the Disney Renaissance, “Tarzan.” The Walt Disney Animation Studios offers up its take on the popular ape man. This is my least favorite film of the Disney Renaissance, but the films from that era of Disney animation make up some […]

The Disney Renaissance was the most financially lucrative time for the Walt Disney animation studios. It ran from 1989-1999 and featured 10 films. Almost all of the films were successful both critically and commercially. Many people identify these one of these 10 films as their all time favorite Disney film. So, I’m going to rank […]