Disney has announced that some older seasons of the History series, “Forged In Fire”, along with some of the spin-off shows, will be coming to Disney+ in many countries around the world in February, as part of a new expansion into content from A+E becoming available to subscribers. The most talented bladesmiths in the world […]

Disney has announced that some seasons of the History channel show, “American Pickers”, will be coming soon to Disney+ in Canada, as part of the new recent expansion into more content from the A+E Networks being added onto the streaming service. This isn’t your grandmother’s antiquing. The American Pickers are on a mission to recycle […]

As Disney+ continues to evolve, offering more different varieties of shows and films for subscribers, a new wave of content is heading to Disney+ in Canada in November, with content from the A&E Networks,  Lifetime, A&E, FYI and the History channel. Disney has announced that the following titles are heading to Disney+ in Canada on […]