Disney’s ABC News Studios is launching a new production unit, which is going to be led by Robin Roberts, who is the presenter of “Good Morning America” and the Disney+ Original series, “Turning Tables”.   According to Variety, this is the latest move by ABC News to increase the number of projects it creates for its […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced four brand-new series, “The Ashley Madison Affair,” “Betrayal: The Perfect Husband,” “Mother Undercover”, and “Demons and Saviors”, which will be coming out this summer on Hulu.  No international release has yet been announced for Disney+, but most ABC News Studios series has eventually been released globally as Star Originals. […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced a brand new special 20/20 documentary called “Where Monsters Hide”, which features an exclusive phone interview with a convicted killer, Kelly Cochran, who tells her side of the story. When Chris Regan — a military veteran known for his reliability on the job — misses multiple days of work […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced details on a brand new documentary series, “The Age of Influence”, which examines the dark side of influencer culture through some of the biggest social media scandals of our time. From sweeping cons to viral cancellation campaigns, each episode of the six-part series gives an unfiltered look at an […]

Disney’s ABC News has released a trailer for the upcoming documentary, “Jelly Roll: Save Me,” which chronicles the journey of redemption in real time of 38-year-old singer-songwriter Jelly Roll, confronting his struggles with mental health and addiction as he stands on the precipice of megastardom. After independently building his loyal fanbase, Jelly Roll became the […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced that production is set to begin on a groundbreaking new series from “Indian Matchmaking” creator Smriti Mundhra’s Meralta Films, focusing on Muslim Americans navigating cultural traditions and highlighting the rich diversity across the country and in the community while seeking modern love. The unscripted series has been in development […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced a brand new special documentary, “Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop,” which dives deep into the life of pop singer Aaron Carter. Carter became a mainstay of the early 2000s pop scene, touring the world as a child solo artist with chart-topping hits like “I Want Candy” and […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced a brand new “20/20” documentary called “Unholy Matrimony”, which tells the story of  Robert and Sabrina Limon, who appeared to be living an idyllic life with their two children in Silver Lakes, California. An outgoing and happy pair, the Limons loved to party and had become part of a […]

Earlier this week, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that over 7000 job cuts were set to happen across the company in three stages over the next few months, to reduce costs by over $5 billion.   The first wave of cuts has begun this week, and some more details have been revealed about some changes at […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios’ has announced a brand new series, “The Lesson Is Murder,” which explores this question: Why did this killer kill? Renowned criminologist and former FBI special agent Dr. Bryanna Fox has devoted her career to this question and is now teaching the next generation of criminologists in her role as a university […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced a new documentary called “Rap Trap: Hip-Hop on Trial’ which traces the rise and impact of Young Thug and Gunna. The 2022 arrest and indictment of hip-hop stars Young Thug (Jeffery Williams) and Gunna (Sergio Kitchens) stunned the hip-hop world and reignited a national conversation about the use of […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced details on a new “20/20” documentary special, “What The Little Girl Saw”, which takes a look at what happened when former semi-pro hockey player Thomas Clayton found his wife, Kelley Clayton, murdered in their New York home one night after a late poker game, he called 911 in distress. […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios and Wall to Wall Media have announced that they’ve started production of an original documentary series, “The Ashley Madison Affair”‘ (working title). The series is an in-depth, multipart documentary exploring the hack of an infidelity dating website for married people that caused shockwaves with one of the most damaging and scandalous […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has announced a brand new documentary special, “Horror in Idaho; The Student Murders”, which is about what happened when terror gripped the rural town of Moscow, Idaho, when authorities found four University of Idaho students ― Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Mogen (21), Xana Kernodle (20) and Kaylee Goncalves (21) ― stabbed […]

Disney’s ABC News Studios has released details on a brand new six-episode anthology docu-series, “Death in the Dorms,” which tells the unimaginable true stories of six college students whose lives tragically ended in murder: UCLA student Andrea DelVesco, University of Florida first-year student Christian Aguilar, University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love, Baruch College first-year […]