The sixth episode of the Mandalorian once again manages to deliver a completely independent story from the rest of the season, but giving us another episode of just a single dad trying to get by in life!

This episode is generally built around a heist, with Mando having to team up with some other mercenaries to bust someone out of jail. We get to find out a little more about Mando’s history, with just a few little comments here and there from the side characters.

One of the slight issues I had with the side characters, was the makeup, one minute they looked great, the next second they looked like they are cosplayers. It’s an odd thing, when compared to the original trilogy, they fit right in, but compared to shows from today, it looked slightly off, especially with the girl constantly hissing and showing her teeth. It just kept taking me out the show.  Yet the leader, Mayfeld, just came across as nothing more than an henchmen, though I did chuckle at the jab at not being a Stormtrooper.   He just never seemed a threat to Mando.

That being said, I once again really enjoyed this episode, the action scenes with Mando taking out the droids looked awesome, showing just how good he is. Especially the one moment when he was sneaking up on the leader, Mayfeld, it made him look so much more threatening, adding some elements of a horror movie into the show. It worked perfectly.

We didn’t get to see much of “Baby Yoda”, but what we did, shows he is learning from Mando and also keeping Mando focused on the “good” side, which this episode showed he hasn’t always been on. This episode did a good job in exploring Mando’s history, by at the same time barely giving us anything.

There is a key moment at the end of the episode, which brings the episode back into the larger Star Wars universe and is one of my favourite scenes in the show.  Especially as each of the pilots has directed an episode of the show, so that’s a nice little geeky touch that doesn’t distract too much.

Another great episode, but with two episodes left, it still feels like we are waiting for the story arc to kick into second gear but as a stand-alone episode, it’s very enjoyable and reminds me of a comic book, giving you a nice standalone issue, yet still being part of a larger story.  I can’t wait to go back and watch the entire season in one go after Christmas.

Rating – 4 out of 5

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Roger Palmer

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