The second episode of the final season of the Clone Wars continues the story of
“Rex” and the Bad Batch trying to track down the clone trooper “Echo”. Their search brings them to a new planet, resulting in a confrontation with the locals before eventually moving on to the Separatists base to battle droids.

Unlike the previous episode. Anakin Skywalker joins in on the mission, adding more flare to the battles, plus we get to see a little more of his relationship with Padame, which was interesting to see, especially with Obi-Wan noticing what’s going on.

The Bad Batch is a interesting group of characters, all with unique skills and personalities that the clones usually don’t have. So are much more fun to watch, especially the big bruiser, who just loves fighting and smashing things up.

It’s also great to see more personality coming out of “Rex”, as he deals with grief and hope. The clones are often shown as nothing more than a number, but both “Rex” and “Cody” seem to have been allowed to grow throughout the seasons.

As part of a larger story arc, this episode moves along at a nice pace, on its own, it stands up, while also moving the story from the end of the last episode, while setting up the next perfectly. It’s a shame this is going to be the last season as the higher production values are really paying off as it’s another cracking episode, full of big battles and unique worlds, that the animated series can deliver.

The animation is excellent and this series is delivering a higher quality product, which i’d easily recommend Star Wars fans check out.

Rating 4 out of 5

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