The third chapter of “The Book Of Boba Fett” has just dropped onto Disney+, which sees Boba Fett continuing to struggle with the power vacuum left when Jabba The Hutt was killed on the sail barge during the events of “The Return Of The Jedi”.


Unlike Chapter 2, this episode is very much focused on the “current” timeline, where Boba Fett is struggling to keep control of his territory.

Unlike Jabba The Hutt, the locals don’t fear Boba Fett and are slowly stepping out onto their own, taking advantage of the situation, leading to Boba Fett having to stand up and take control.

He is forced to do this on several occasions throughout this episode. First, he deals with some local youths, who hang about at night, riding mopeds and drinking stolen water (which is just like my local town, but replace water with Cider!).   Boba deals with the situation in a unique, fairway bringing the gang into his fold and squashing the local water dealers unreasonable prices.

When they chase down the Mayor’s assistant, this moped gang quickly becomes helpful in a speeder chase through the city.  Unfortunately, this scene suffers from some pretty dodgy special effects and, much like with the rest of the show so far, feels a bit sluggish.  The multicoloured moped look like speeder bikes for kids.  I get the look the designers were going for, but it just looked out of place.

The flashback scene in this episode is much shorter, showing Boba Fett’s history with the Pyke syndicate, which will help set up why Boba Fett is going to go to war with them.  But the moment the flashback scene ended, we suddenly got to see the Wookie assassin, Black Krrsantan, in action.  This was one of my favourite moments in the episode and helped showcase how formidable this bounty hunter is.

There are some other great moments in this episode, including another confrontation with the Hutt Twins and some touching moments with a new Rancor.  Though when you hear Boba Fett say he wants to ride the Rancor, you just know they are setting that up for the finale!

Overall, chapter 3 is a solid episode, with a few action moments to keep you entertained.  But you can tell we are at the mid-season point of the show.  They’ve established some key characters and are building out Boba’s team, though in a better way than “The Mandalorian’s” every episode find a new person for the finale method.  They’ve also set up the central core villains in the show, with the Pyke syndicate.  Having seen them involved in the animated series for a while, it’s great to see them finally getting a chance to be explored in live-action.  Plus, it makes sense for there to be other villains out there, rather than just focusing on the Empire/First Order.

Rating – 4 out of 5.

The first three episodes of “The Book Of Boba Fett” are available now on Disney+.

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