To tie in with the release of the new documentary “Stan Lee” on Disney+, Hollywood Records has released the soundtrack to the film on digital platforms, including Amazon, Spotify and Apple.

From Marvel Studios and acclaimed director David Gelb, “Stan Lee” is the official documentary film about Stan “The Man” Lee and his rise to influence in the world of comic books and pop culture. Tracing his life from his upbringing as Stanley Lieber to the rise of Marvel Comics, “Stan Lee” tells the story of Stan Lee’s life, career, and legacy in his own words through personal archive material.

The soundtrack features original music that has been composed by Scott Michael Smith and Michael Dean Parsons, who have previously worked on “Sketchbook” and “Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Jedi’s Return”.

Here’s the tracklist to the “Stan Lee” album:

1. The Intro (1:28)
2. Stan Lee (3:17)
3. A Steady Job (1:34)
4. The Editor (1:08)
5. Six Weeks (1:25)
6. Stan Meets Joan (1:30)
7. Extravagant (0:55)
8. Just for Kids (1:02)
9. My Chance (1:49)
10. Start of Everything (2:08)
11. Marvel Comics (0:59)
12. Creating the Hulk (2:24)
13. The Marvel Method (1:51)
14. Children (1:23)
15. Liking Each Other (1:13)
16. 1962 (1:03)
17. Identification (0:57)
18. Guest Stars (1:09)
19. Heroes and Villains (1:08)
20. Mutations (1:25)
21. Black Panther (1:07)
22. Seal of Approval (1:19)
23. No Seal of Approval (1:04)
24. Ego Problem (1:57)
25. Other Writers (2:27)
26. Important (1:29)
27. New Contract (0:53)
28. Stan Cameos (3:36)
29. Excelsior (1:09)

“Stan Lee” is out now on Disney+.



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