The latest episode of the adult animated comedy series “Solar Opposites” continues to see the alien family struggle to deal with some of the basics of living on earth.   As with most episodes, there are two separate plots going on throughout the episode, though there is a little cross over to close out the episode.

In this episode,  Korvo and Terry decide they want to have the joys of having a man cave after visiting their neighbours.  So they go about creating a man cave in their house, but it doesn’t feel right.  They come to the conclusion that they need a woman to nag them about spending time in their man cave to make it feel special.  So they go about creating a robot to nag them about spending time in the man cave.  As you might expect, not everything goes to plan and it ends up as a huge disaster that only these characters could create.

While Jesse discovers the problem with being a female on earth, how she is kept away from doing things she wants and is expected to work harder to achieve the same results.  This infuriates Jesse, who quickly takes matters into her own hands to try to fix the issue, since she can’t understand why humans have such a problem with being a female.

Yumyulack warns her that this doesn’t sound like a good idea since this topic can only lead to bad things happening.  He doesn’t do too much in this episode, but when he turns up, he usually delivers some great one-liners.  Especially in the final sections of the episode, which honestly, did make me laugh so much, I woke my dog up!

I’ve been loving the humour of “Solar Opposites” and this episode is probably one of my favourites out from the first season.  The nature of them being aliens, means some of the most mundane things can become much bigger than they should be.   If you love shows like “Family Guy” or “South Park”, this is a must-watch, and unlike the other shows, which are all very well established, its nice having something completely new and fresh to watch.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Roger Palmer

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