The fifth episode of Shop Class is the last episode of the quarter finals and sees the team challenged to putting a modern twist on the classic picnic table.

Three different teams consist of two pre-teen children and a shop class instructor, how to plan and build a picnic table, but try to give them something unique, such as building a BBQ grill directly into it.

As with previous episodes, there aren’t too many issues during the build process, so there isn’t much drama, except for the judges making the teams second guess their ideas. It was nice seeing a little more of the judges in this episode, I’d love to see more of them. It’s the same with the host, Justin Long, he is growing on me as a presenter, but I’d like to see more from him too.

The title of this episode is “Boulder Bash”, because the test for the picnic tables is they drop massive boulders of different sizes and weights onto the tables to see how they would cope.

This was easily the highlight of this episode and worth checking out if you have a Disney+ subscription, though you could easily skip through the first half and hour of the episode to get to the best bit. It’s been on my favourite tests from the series, since it was much more “impact” then previous episodes.

Disney launched another reality based game show, “Be Our Chef”, this week and it was instantly noticeable that by being about 15 minutes shorter, the episode was easier to watch, since the “building” part of the show has very little happening, so the pacing would be better if it was shorter.

Shop Class “Boulder Bash” is one of the better episodes from this series so far.

Rating – 3 out of 5

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Roger Palmer

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