She-Hulk learns more about what Emil Blonsky is up to since he’s been released from prison, and we learn the man who showed interest in Jen at her childhood friend’s wedding has an ulterior motive in the latest episode of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.” Josh appears to be ghosting Jen after they spent the night together, but it appears he is trying to get information on She-Hulk for the person or organization who wants to take her down. And She-Hulk ends up in a therapy circle at Emil Blonksy’s compound when it appears his Abomination inhibitor isn’t working.

This episode more than any other has made me feel like Titania is a true misdirection and we are going to see the real big bad of the season leading into something else. I’m think it’s going to be the Leader after Kevin Feige announced the character would return in “Captain America 4.” Having him attack someone with ties to Bruce Banner would make sense for re-introducing him to the MCU since he first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk.” It would make more sense than just introducing him in “Captain America 4,” so I’m hopeful that’s what this is. I am very interested to see where the Hulk King storyline is going.

The thing I’m enjoying most about this series so far is how we’re not tracking an end of the world level emergency yet. I’m hopeful that we won’t reach that with this show. “Hawkeye” is my favorite MCU series right now, because they didn’t have two normal humans who just happened to be good with a bow and arrow try to take down a super powered villain by themselves. Keeping that show street level worked in its favor. In contrast, I didn’t like “Ms. Marvel” as much as other series because, even though her powers will be at that level, she wasn’t ready to tackle that kind of attack. The street level stuff in that show appealed to me more. Keep “She-Hulk” at a street level for now. She can fight end of the world level threats later.

This episode of the series has been my favorite since we saw Daredevil’s helmet at the end of episode four. I loved that while we got a continuance of Emil Blonksy’s big cameo from episode two and three, he didn’t take over the show. It was still more about Jen and She-Hulk and her frustration with this new guy we found out is actually evil and her wanting to take out the member of the Wrecking Crew she recognizes. I’m excited for Daredevil to show up too, but I’m excited the guest star didn’t take over the show like Wong kind of did in his second appearance. After episodes five and six, my interest was falling off. This episode brought it back.

Ranking: 4 stars

What did you think of “She-Hulk: Attorney At Law?”

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